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Submit Music For Review


David Bruce Murray
Submit product to 257 Lavender Road, Ellenboro, NC 28040.

Kyle Boreing
Submit product to Blaidecton Enterprises, 7717 Foxtrot Dr, North Bend, OH  45052.

Please don’t send certified mail or any other method that requires a signature.

CDs and/or DVDs should be as near to “retail ready” as possible. If you send a pre-release or audio files, please email a copy of the final artwork and final song sequence.

DON’T send every CD you’re currently carrying on your product table. Only send your latest and best CD.

Product will not be returned.

Reviews are written from a fan perspective with the interests of the prospective purchaser in mind.

The primary driving purpose of our reviews is not to help artists launch careers or gain exposure. It’s entirely possible something of that nature could happen as an indirect result of a favorable review, but artists and labels should not be surprised after the fact if a review points out flaws.

Reviews will not be removed from the site after the fact. Artists/labels are encouraged to read other reviews published on the MusicScribe site before submitting their CDs.

Artists/labels are welcome to use quotes from reviews for publicity purposes as long as they credit the author and keep the quote in context.

Products (CDs, DVDs, Songbooks, etc.) reviewed on MusicScribe and elsewhere by our writers are typically provided to us by artists or their representatives for free. This public notice is necessary due to Federal Trade Commission guidelines which falsely assume any product provided for free to a reviewer will automatically receive a favorable review. We review products. We don’t write ads for them.