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Happy People 2.0

Looks like Ernie Haase & Signature Sound are going back and recutting Happy People with Dustin Doyle to re-release in October of this year. According to Provident Distribution’s website, the

Worship, Art & Business, Part 6

Worship should be a motivation of every Gospel singer, but are we truly giving Worship the attention it deserves?


If you browse through the various forums, Facebook groups, and other social media associated with gospel music, one of the first topics you’ll come across typically goes like this: “Living or

Worship, Art & Business, Part 5

Is the art of singing a worthy motivation in and of itself?

Worship, Art & Business, Part 4

Is making a living a worthy motivation for a Gospel singer?

Worship, Art & Business, Part 3

What is there besides worship, art or business that motivates people to sing?

The Founder Of Southern Gospel Music

If It Wasn’t James Vaughan… A few days ago, I proposed that the person who most shaped the Southern Gospel we know today came after James D. Vaughan. There are

Gaither Tent Revival Taping And Rain Fest

I just returned home from the Gaither Tent Revival taping at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. I stayed for nearly four hours, and it was still going strong

Bringing Choral Preview Clubs Into The 21st Century

One issue I’ve dealt with as a music director in a mid-sized rural church is piles of printed music that tend to collect over the years. Every church with even