#NewsNuggets: 2-13-17

A reunion for one of Southern Gospel’s classic studios and more!

#NewsNuggets: 2-6-17

Keith Plott returns to a quartet and more in this week’s NewsNuggets!

#NewsNuggets: 1-23-17

Announcing the return of a group that retired in 2015, and more!

#NewsNuggets: 1-16-17

Several artists are participating in various events surrounding the upcoming presidential inauguration.

#NewsNuggets: 1-9-17

Last Week’sĀ Happenings Southern Sound of Nashville announced they are retiring from full-time travel. They will fulfill a few dates in 2017 before retiring permanently. The April Potter Agency announced they

#NewsNuggets: 12-19-16

The week’s edition of News Nuggets features an actual nugget of the carbon-based variety.

#NewsNuggets: 12-12-16

This week’s theme is secular names doing Gospel things. Check it out.

#NewsNuggets: 12-5-16

Two groups plan to tour with live musicians in 2017.

#NewsNuggets: 11-28-16

A couple of signings and lead singer vacancy led last week’s headlines.