A Conversation with Gerald Wolfe

Kyle Boreing talks to Gerald Wolfe about different aspects of the gospel music industry.

On the Couch with Fouch: Josh Feemster

The latest interview by Legacy Five bass singer Matt Fouch is with the Legacy Five’s tenor, Josh Feemster.   All I can say is, it’s about time!!   Enjoy!!

On the Couch With Fouch: June 1 Catch-up

Matt Fouch is surely generating a variety of posts in his interview series and it seems that I am not getting these published here as often as he puts them out.

On the Couch with Fouch: Catch-Up!!

I’ve been quite negligent in posting the latest On the Couch sessions, but I no longer have any excuses since I have quit my “day job” and joined the ranks of the

On the Couch with Fouch: Randy Byrd

Matt Fouch’s interview this month is with Randy Byrd of the Mark Trammell Quartet.  Enjoy!!

Interview: Russell Mauldin, Part 1

Behind the scenes with Christian choral music’s master of accessible arrangements.

On the Couch with Fouch: Eric Bennett

Just look who Matt Fouch tracked down at NQC 2015 for this month’s interview – it’s Eric Bennett from Triumphant Quartet!   It has a nice little intro leading up

On the Couch with Fouch: Cana’s Voice

Oh, how I would LOVE to see this new trio, Cana’s Voice!    At least we can see this Matt Fouch interview withTaRanda Greene, Doug Anderson, and Jody McBrayer and

On the Couch with Fouch: Paul Harkey

This month’s interview from Matt Fouch of Legacy Five is with the bass singer of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Paul Harkey.   Enjoy!!!   And if you want to see Paul’s

On the Couch with Fouch: Gary Casto

This month’s interview is with Gary Casto, lead singer with Tribute Quartet.  Enjoy – it’s a great one!!   And here’s a link to the earlier interview with Josh Singletary that

On the Couch with Fouch: Blake Buffin

Who knew that Matt Fouch’s first cousin, Blake Buffin, would be a tenor when Matt is such a deep bass?!?  Enjoy this interview with Mark Trammell Quartet’s newest member!