SGHistory.com: Full Circle

The Inspirations recently updated their website with content from SGHistory.com.

The Originals: I Know

“I Know” was first heard in 1970, but part of it had been heard many years before.

The Originals: Operator

Who sang “Operator” first? If you say Manhattan Transfer or the Downings, you are wrong. Read the article for the answer!

The Originals: Go Out To The Program

Did you know another group recorded “Go Out To The Program” before the Oak Ridge Quartet?

The Originals: Mary, Did You Know?

Did you know this lyric waited six years for its melody?

Back To The Future With Naomi Sego

Naomi showed up at the National Quartet Convention in style!

What If: Happy Goodmans 1983 Edition

If the 1982-1983 line-up of the Happy Goodmans had stayed together: 1. They might still be one of the most in-demand groups in the industry. 2. The Gaither Vocal Band

14 Years Ago

As a way of honoring and remembering what happened 14 years ago, I’m re-posting an article I wrote on that day. You’ll notice I only mention the national news in