Glenn Dustin Departs Legacy Five

A shocking news announcement came today from Legacy Five announcing the departure of bass singer, Glenn Dustin, effective immediately. No information was given as to the reason for his departure.

Dustin was one of the founding members of L5, along with group owner Scott Fowler and baritone Scott Howard. His smooth singing and lighthearted stage presence endured him to fans throughout SG music.

This is the undoubtedly a rough spot to be in, as Glenn’s immmediate departure leaves the group without a bass singer. I wonder who will fill in (if anyone)?


  • Eric Kaunitz
    July 12, 2012 1:02 PM

    This is a very sad day for me. I’m a huge L5 fan and an even bigger Glenn Dustin fan. I will miss him deeply. Glenn is as enjoyable off stage as he is on stage and his departure truly leaves a big hole in Legacy Five.
    I am thankful I had the opportunity to see Legacy Five this past Friday in Terrell, TX as it was, little to my knowledge, the last time I’d get to hear him live. Having said that, I could tell that something was wrong with him during the show. Nothing particular, other than that he forgot the words to “I’ve Been Changed”, he just wasn’t himself.
    I wish all the best to Glenn and his family and I’m in prayer for the rest of Legacy Five as this will be a tough transition.

  • July 12, 2012 11:20 PM

    Glenn’s personality added so much to the group. Even though he’s not as vocally gifted as some other basses I’ve heard, he was an integral part of L5’s appeal. However, I’m sure they’ll find a worthy replacement and carry on. The abrupt nature of the announcement does leave me scratching my head though. It could be family issues with details they didn’t want to divulge. I’d totally respect that.

    July 14, 2012 12:08 PM

    Wow! We will miss you, Glenn! We were at the concert in Terrell last Saturday. You had a heavy heart. Remember the Lord will never leave or forsake His own. Trust Him! We will pray for you and your family!

  • Audrey
    August 12, 2012 5:37 PM

    I sat on the left side of Glen at lunch in Banff,Ab a short while ago.Had a feeling something going on then.You will be greatly missed. God changes people forever.Great testimony.

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