Gerald Crabb To Wed

Gerald Crabb’s booking agent just sent out a wedding announcement for Crabb and Debi Jackson of Ripley, MS. The couple will be wed at a private ceremony on May 25th in Savannah, TN. They will make their home in Jackson’s home town of Ripley, MS.

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. In addition to MusicScribe, David is the owner/editor of and the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music. He plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet, the Foothills Choir and when his schedule permits, the Pine Ridge Boys.

  1. I heard Gerald Crabb a few weeks ago… I hve to admire his stamina…and I overheard some one ask him about the family…he was so respectfull… he did not demeanor any one… and the annointing he had when he sang… I know he must have been through a lot… I sure hope his new wife will be a good inspiration to him( surely she is or he would not do it)… carry on Bro Crabb.. we need more God fearing men like you

  2. I love “The Crabb Family”. They are a very blessed family. That’s why I do not understand what has happened to Gerald and Kathy. I know that God knows and I guess thats all that matters but I feel that God put them two together because He had a wonderful plan for that family. I thank God that the kids are still carrying the gospel that God intended for them to do. I have met all of them and their spouses and children and those kids are just wonderful and so filled with the spirit. I know this has been hard on them. Thats why I pray for them every day of my life, that they will continue doing what God wants them to do.

  3. I don’t know Gerald Crabb personally or anything but I do know that no one person on this earth is perfect! He makes mistakes like every one else. And I am happy to hear that he is able to move on with his life with GOD still in it. GOD is very forgiving and understanding and he knows not every body gets along. GOD BLESS and he wil be in my prayers

  4. Gerald had preached a revival in my hometown, I wasn’t there, but the service lasted really late and they supposedly had a real good service. It’s too bad about him and Kathy, because their children are so talented and this puts a wedge up between them and their kids.

  5. Can anyone tell me if the Crabb Family is still singing all of their big hits that Gerald Crabb wrote? Or is Gerald’s music off limits to the family since the divorce of he and Kathy, ect?

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