When Labels Compete

When Labels Compete

UPDATED: My poor (read: lazy) research habits have resulted in some edits below. As mentioned by several comments below, Freedom

MP3 Details Matter

MP3 files from Southern Gospel record labels and radio promoters sometimes have key information missing or completely wrong. I won’t 

Choral Music Turn-Offs

I love church choral music, but it’s rare that I can find an arrangement that is both unique and manageable 

Wimp Wristed

A company is selling rubber wrist bands promoting the avoidance of handshaking. Their rationale is to cut the spread of 


The IMAX in Louisville at the Cinema De Lux is a ripoff. The screen isn’t much bigger than a regular 

Is it just me…

…or does anyone else think the term “blogosphere” should have run its course and been forgotten by now? Sorry, I