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Denominational Musical Styles, Fact Or Fiction?

June 22, 2011

Daniel Mount posted an article yesterday that centered on how denomination and/or doctrine influences songwriting. I’d like to factor lyrics out of the equation and consider how doctrine affects musical style only. I’ve always felt that musical styles are independent of any sort of “message.” An artist might sing a song that glorifies God in […]

Why Categorize Music?

December 10, 2010

I’m a little surprised to see Doug Harrison at Averyfineline making reference to Michael Gungor’s article about categories in a retail music store, since music stores are mostly a thing of the past. I’m interested in it, though. I worked in a Christian retail store for most of the 1990s and some of the 2000s. […]

What Is “Great Music” To You?

November 13, 2010

Doug Harrison posted a quote by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross yesterday defining “great music.” Great music, according to Ross, is “music that makes me stop thinking about any other kind.” I don’t entirely agree with that definition, because I’ve heard some truly awful music that made me stop thinking about any other kind. […]

More Suggestions For NQC 2011

September 27, 2010

Jeff Foster relaunched his blog during NQC and has been busy posting his thoughts ever since. In one, Jeff echoes one of my own blog posts from NQC by weighing in with several suggestions for NQC 2011. Some of his suggestions have already been expressed by others, but Jeff adds two bold ideas I haven’t […]

Pigging Out At The Convenience Store

August 3, 2010

A fan recently observed a major gospel group’s shopping habits. From this observation, they determined groups in general struggle with money because they shop at convenience stores where prices are inflated. It wasn’t the first time they’d seen a gospel group in a convenience store buying saltines, cheese, cookies and generally playing fast and loose […]

Theme CD: Jesus Saves

July 20, 2010

I’m stealing one of Daniel Mount’s subjects for this post, and giving it a slightly different twist. In this scenario, the songs don’t just focus on the same topic. They also have the phrase “Jesus Saves” as the title (in whole or in part). Looking at SGHistory.com, I found nine songs: 1. “Jesus Saves” – […]

To Make Minimum Wage, You Must Sell 143 Self-Pressed CDs Per Month

July 16, 2010

And the ratio goes down when you get involved with labels or iTunes. Click HERE to read an article and view a graph showing precisely how many units you must sell in order to make $1161 per month. Like this:Like Loading…

Two Quartet Tribute Websites

November 30, 2009

Brandon Coomer announced the launch of a Gold City Tribute website today. You can find it at http://www.goldcitytribute.com. Meanwhile, Daniel Mount recently put a fresh coat of paint on his Cathedrals tribute website. If you’re interested in the Cathedrals, visit cathedralstribute.com. Both Brandon and Daniel are ultimate fans of these respective groups, so it’s no […]

We Hear What We Want To Hear

July 6, 2009

Click HERE for a fantastic example of psychoacoustics. Linder set up all three recorders next to each other, and talked and then played guitar into the built-in microphones. Then he posted the audio from the three recorders, for his readers to audition. Overall, the commenters opined that the H4 was OK, the H4n was better, […]

Taking The Cross Over

June 20, 2009

Some months ago, I read an article that focused on cultivating 1000 “True Fans” per music artist. That idea caught my attention, and I referenced it in a previous blog post. The idea is to get just 1000 people to love your music so much that they’ll buy anything and everything you make. Of course, […]

Guarantee A Concert Fee, Write A Song With Phil Cross

March 30, 2009

Today, Daniel Mount blogs about a new concert booking approach launched by Phil Cross. Cross will spend time writing songs with you in exchange for promoting one of his events. I wonder if the aspiring writer/promoter would fully own any songs that came out of the experience. Talk about work for hire! Like this:Like Loading…

Oaks Video In April

February 9, 2009

I was wondering just two days ago why Gaither hadn’t produced a video on the Oak Ridge Boys. Then I read Kyle Boreing’s blog post. I echo his enthusiasm. I’m a helpless fan when it comes to these guys. The release date is set for April 21. I won’t steal all of Kyle’s thunder. Hop […]


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