CD Rated: Gaither Gospel Series (Amazing Grace)

Artist: Gaither Gospel Series Title: Amazing Grace Rating: 4 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Amazing Grace shares most of the same pros and cons as its companion product, How Great Thou Art.

CD Rated: The Milby Family (Faith Like A Mustard Seed)

Artist: The Milby Family Title: Faith Like A Mustard Seed Rating: 4 Stars Nutshell Analysis: This must be the week for family group CDs. The Milby Family consists of Robin

CD Rated: Jerry Salley (New Songs, Old Friends)

Artist: Jerry Salley Title: New Songs, Old Friends Rating: 4 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: The 22 guest vocalists and musicians who assist Jerry Salley on New Songs, Old Friends range

CD Rated: Jimmy Dooley (Things Are Looking Different)

Artist: Jimmy DooleyTitle: Things Are Looking Different RATING: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Jimmy Dooley writes all ten songs on Things Are Looking Different, sings them, and for good measure,

CD Rated: Dale & Cheryl Golden (Glory Coming Down)

Artist: Dale & Cheryl GoldenTitle: Glory Coming Down RATING: 3 Stars Nutshell Analysis: This CD consists of ten original songs written by Dale Golden. Some are predictable, but most are

CD Rated: Heritage Road

Artist: Heritage RoadTitle: The Road I’m On RATING: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Country tracks, good vocals and great song selection…so-so packaging (no songwriter info). From the sonic angle, Heritage

CD Rated: Anthony Burger (The Kingsmen Years)

Artist: Anthony BurgerTitle: The Kingsmen Years RATING: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: The first fourteen hymns alternate between full band cuts that generally have a more joyous, romping mindset and

CD Rated: Fletcher Jowers (Trails To Heaven)

Artist: Fletcher Jowers (with Terry Winsett and Jonathan Haynes)Title: Trails To Heaven RATING: 2 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: The production quality, song selection and arrangements are pretty good overall, but

Bill Gaither’s Health and the Atlanta Concert

Bill Gaither missed the Memphis, TN “Jubilate’ re-schedule” date on Thursday. Gloria went along to fill in for him. Word has it that he had some issue with the heart

CD Review: Valor (What It Took)

RATING: 5 Stars Producers: Paul David Kennamer and John LawsWebsite: www.valormusic.net Song Titles: “My Hope Is Built,” “Lead Me To The Rock,” “Over The Moon,” “What It Took,” “Temporary Home,”

CD Review: Evidence (Talkin’ About The Love Of God)

RATING: 2 1/2 Stars Website: http://www.evidencemusicministry.com/ Song Titles: “Talkin’ About The Love Of God,” “It Pays To Serve The King,” “Put My Hand In His Hand,” “Grace Greater Than Our

CD Review: Gold City (Revival)

RATING: 4 1/2 Stars Label: New Haven RecordsProducers: Michael Sykes, Michael English, Daniel Riley, Ken Harding, and Dave LehmanWebsite: www.goldcityqt.com Song Titles: “Ain’t That What It’s All About,” “Preach The