2015 Survey Series: Victory In Jesus – Results Posted

Voting has ended. Results are posted below. Freemans – 2 votes Gold City – 7 votes Guy Penrod – 4 votes Selah – 1 vote Acappella – 0 votes http://musicscribe.com/audio/victoryinjesus.mp3

What’s Burman Been Doing? Episode 2

When the fire department fails, Burman performs a heroic act.

Mountain Faith on America’s Got Talent

Mountain Faith Band of Sylva, NC, was introduced to the world at large via America’s Got Talent last night. They performed a cover of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars.”

2015 Survey Series: One Day At A Time – Results Posted

Voting has ended. If you saw the results earlier, please note that results have now been UPDATED to reflect a few votes that were found lurking in the comment spam filter. Florida

CD Review: McKameys – What If

Label: Horizon Records Producers: Jeff Collins and Roger Fortner Song Titles: “I’m Gonna Give It Away,” “Your Prayers Have Been Heard,” “There Is A Peace,” “Where He Is,” “While I Wait,”

VBS “Stand Up” and “Sit Down” chords

Read this article where DBM fills a gaping hole on the internet…

CD Review: Point Of Grace – Directions Home

Produced by: Andy Leftwich and Point Of Grace (except “Something In The Water” produced by Andy Leftwich, Stuart Dill and Point Of Grace and “The Climb” produced by Roger Ryan,

CD Mini-Review: The Crabb Family – “20: Platinum Edition”

The Crabb Family is probably one of the most popular gospel groups not consistently touring today. Their final tour before “officially” disbanding was in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped them

Must Buy Or Not: Triumphant – “Living In Harmony”

Last year, Triumphant Quartet saw their first (and to date, ONLY) personnel change in their 13 years as a group when Jeff Stice departed as pianist/arranger/producer. Rather than move to

The MusicScribe TUNE-O-METER

Beginning with my T. Graham Brown CD review, I have introduced a new feature called the “Tune-O-Meter.” This is designed to indicate how much obvious auto-tuning was applied to vocals on

Best CDs and Songs From 2014

CDs Eight CDs earned ratings of 4 1/2 Stars or 5 Stars in 2014. In order, the top CDs of 2014 are: Rated 5 Stars 1. Tim Menzies – His

Sisters Video Features Fan Photos

A new video for “Hello, My Name Is” by Sisters features photos submitted by their fans. Look quickly at 2:28, and you may see a familiar face. Here’s a LINK