Album Review- Every Light That Shines At Christmas – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Every Light That Shines At Christmas is the second Christmas project to be released by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. I really do enjoy a good Christmas project, be it

Album Review – Paul Irwin – Forgive Me

The following CD Review is of a local artist who resides in my own country of Northern Ireland. Paul Irwin commenced his singing ministry at the tender age of 16,

CD Rated: Daybreak Quartet (Hymns)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: www.daybreakquartet.com Producers: Jason Prisk and Nathan Prisk Song Titles: “Jesus Saves,” “Safe Am I” with “He Hideth My Soul,” “Where Could I Go?,” “When The Roll

Best 2008 CD/DVDs

Here are my picks for the Top Ten/Best CD/DVDs of 2008. Rated 5 Stars: 1. Kingsmen – When God Ran 2. Kim Hopper – I Just Wanted You To Know

CD Rated: Melody Boys (Destination Heaven)

RATING: 3 1/2 Stars Website: www.themelodyboysquartet.com Producer: Nick Bruno Song Titles: “All Aboard We’re Glory Bound,” “Little By Little,” “Oh Broken Heart,” “The Stone Was Rolled Away,” “The Lamb He

CD Rated: Emmaus Road Quartet (All About Him)

RATING: 2 1/2 Stars Website: www.emmausroadquartet.com Producer: Shane Roark Song Titles: “Boundless Love,” “Jesus Is The Rock,” “Know So Kind Of Salvation,” “Anytime Is The Right Time,” “Even Jesus Had

CD Rated: Dale & Cheryl Golden (Summer In My Soul)

RATING: 2 1/2 Stars Website: www.daleandcherylgolden.com Producer: Dale & Cheryl Golden Song Titles: “Marching Into Canaanland,” “Music To Your Ears,” “Same Great God,” “For My Father’s Eyes,” “I Will Answer

CD Rated: Kingdom Heirs (From The Redbook, Volume One)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: www.kingdomheirs.com Producer: Arthur Rice Label: Sonlite Song Titles: “Tell Me The Story Of Jesus,” “Getting Ready To Leave This World” (Instrumental), “I’ll Meet You By The

CD Rated: Called Out Quartet (Classics)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: www.calledoutquartet.com Producer: Eddie Crook Song Titles: “Somebody Loves Me,” “I’ve Got So Much To Thank Him For,” “A Beautiful Life,” “Thank God I Am Free,” “Now

CD Rated: Akins (Good Tired)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: www.theakinsonline.com Producer: The Akins BUY IT! Song Titles: “Good Tired,” “Make A Difference In This World,” “When You’re In Love,” “Good To Know It’s Not The

CD Rated: Dixie Echoes (So Many Reasons)

RATING: 4 1/2 Stars Website: www.dixieechoes.com Producers: Randy Shelnut, Randy Shelnut Jr., and Stewart Varnado Song Titles: “I’ll Be Ready To Go With Him,” “So Many Reasons,” “Miracles Will Happen

CD Mega Review: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Influenced)

Composite Rating: 4 stars Producers: Ernie Haase & Wayne Haun Song List: “Intro,” “My Heart Is A Chapel,” “If You Know The Lord,” “Climbing Higher & Higher,” “I Know The