Thoughts on the Election

Thoughts on the Election

I started a post this morning but it ended up being longer and heavier than what I typically post here, so I decided to put it on my personal blog. This leaves me not knowing exactly what to write here but I trust God to guide me.

With only a couple weeks until the election, I am burdened for our country, but I am also burdened for the Church. I don’t remember another election where Christians have so verbally attacked each other.

I expect some of these attacks come from fear. I don’t think many would argue that this election is important. But I also know the answer is not in name calling, threatening, and guilt tripping our Brothers and Sisters. In John 16:33, Jesus tells us, “In the world you shall have tribulation. But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Regardless of who wins the presidential election, God is still on His throne.

In the Old Testament, there were many times that God raised up an ungodly king as part of His judgment on a nation that had turned their backs on Him, and America has sadly done just that.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am very concerned, which could easily turn into worry, but in spite of what the future holds, I know who holds the future. My Father raises up kings and He brings them down. He judges the world but takes care of His children. This is not the time for the Church to fall apart but to encourage each other. In my own family, there are some who are voting and some who are staying home to fast and pray. I’m sure some will do both. It is not my place to tell anyone else what to do, but I will encourage them (and you) not to do anything out of fear (either fear of the future or fear of what others will think). Instead, pray. Pray for our country. Pray for our leaders. Thank God that He is ultimately the One in control. Pray for the Church. I expect we will have some hard times ahead. We need to be building each other up, not tearing each other down.

I sometimes think about the old song, “They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love.” I doubt anyone is saying that about us right now.

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Sony Elise

Sony has been an avid southern gospel fan since she first heard The Happy Goodman Family on a cassette in the mid-1980s. She is the co-founder of Family Renewal and the owner of Sony Elise Editing Services.

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  1. Reply October 23, 17:52 #1 Bobby

    Great Sony

  2. Reply October 23, 21:54 #2 Sherry

    Beautifully and perfectly said . I need to behave more accordingly . Thank you!

  3. Reply October 24, 07:48 #3 caravan7

    I would encourage those who want to stay home and fast and pray to do that before the election, but to go out and vote. Their staying home will give another vote to you know who!!!

    • Reply October 24, 12:08 Sony Elise Author

      I understand where you’re coming from and might even agree with you; however, if someone feels like they would be sinning to vote for either of the primary candidates, then they shouldn’t do it. I might share my view with them but I can’t (and shouldn’t) convince them to do something that they think is wrong. I have friends on both sides of the camp: friends who feel like not voting is voting for Hillary, and friends who think it would be wrong for them to vote for Mr. Trump. That decision is between them and God.

  4. Reply October 24, 13:27 #4 Jamey

    I read the following blog post yesterday, I think it has good points; at least makes you think. (no affiliation – the link was passed along to me in RE of this topic)

    • Reply October 24, 13:50 Sony Elise Author

      Thank you for sharing that. He has good insight.

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