NQC 2016: Wednesday

NQC 2016: Wednesday

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The morning chapel services are well worth your time if you can drag yourself out of bed and get there by 9:30 AM each day. I enjoyed hearing Greater Vision sing followed by a message from Eric Bennett.

The talent quality on Wednesday evening came closer to matching Monday’s line-up and may have even exceeded it. The Dixie Melody Boys are lacking a baritone at the moment, so they added the New Dove Brothers to their set. Why add one voice when you can add three, right? I only caught part of their last song. I wish I’d got to my seat a few minutes earlier.

The Ball Brothers graced us with some amazing harmonies during their 16-minute set. Goodman Revival was a welcome un-advertised addition to the evening.

Some of the other highlights for me tonight included sets by the Talleys, the Mark Trammell Quartet, and Karen Peck & New River. The Mylon Hayes Family re-prised their “Love Of God” medley from Monday, and it was well-received again. The Second Half Quartet was solid again as well. Did I mention the Hoppers (including a song by the Hopper Brothers 2.0) or Jason Crabb? They were on this evening, too.

Legacy Five’s set was a bit more hit and miss. I liked hearing their version of “He Made A Change” and Trey Ivey’s piano feature was excellent. His singing…not so much…though it was a good song. For some reason, the time slots for Tribute and Legacy Five were swapped, and when it was time for the Browns to come out to end the evening, Second Half Quartet came back instead. We were headed for the door at that point, so I’m not sure if the Browns sang eventually, or not.

All in all, though, the good sets were plentiful on Wednesday evening. I missed several artists, because I roamed around the exhibits and talked with a few folks. I chatted with MusicScribe’s own Phil Boles again, plus I spoke with Ann Downing, Micah Schweinsberg, Dean Adkins, Brad Smith, and several more folks.

Here are some photos from the day:

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Tony Watson
    Reply September 29, 09:56 #1 Tony Watson

    I only got to see the last hour and a half or so after getting home earlier than usual from church, but yes, the Browns did sing at the end. It seemed that they did a parade of #1 songs at the end leading up to it, with a few groups doing 1 song each.

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