Memphis Quartet Show 2016 – Wednesday evening

Memphis Quartet Show 2016 – Wednesday evening

Wow!  What a way to start this wonderful event!!   This 4-day show is for male quartets only and there are so many terrific ones appearing this year.  For tonight we saw the following groups:

Master’s Voice – I “cruised” with this group last November and really enjoyed them, so I was extremely happy that they were included in the show this year.  They have a brand new lead singer, TJ Evans, who previously sang with Promise and Declaration/Allegiance.  TJ has only been with them for 2 weeks but you wouldn’t have known that from how well the group performed together.  Other group members are Ricky Capps, Stan Watson, and Jerry Pilgrim.  Among the songs they sang were This Same Jesus and How Long a Lifetime Is.

Kingsmen – The K-men have a brand new tenor, Josh Horrell, who also didn’t seem new at all!  They had two great sets featuring old and new songs – and they have so many to choose from!   Their other members are Ray Dean Reese, Randall Crawford, and Bob Sellers.  Here are Stand Up and Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet.

Mark Trammell Quartet – The newest member of this group, Blake Buffin, has been with them for nine months and is doing a fantastic job.  He really reminds me a lot of Eric Phillips.  Other group members are Mark and Nick Trammell and Randy Byrd.   I may have some a video posted later.

Ball Brothers – The Ball Brothers were also making their first appearance at the show and most of the attendees had not heard them.   I love it when that happens because I know how wonderful they are and can’t wait for new folks to get a chance to hear them!  Group members are Daniel and Andrew Ball, Chad McCloskey, and Matt Davis.   Here they are singing what I consider their signature song – It’s About the Cross.

Blackwood Brothers Quartet – This group works really hard as the co-hosts of the show.  With a bus breakdown about 1000 miles from Memphis, they barely made it to Memphis in time for sound check.  The current group members are Billy Blackwood, Wayne Little, Michael Helwig, and Butch Owens.   Michael is in a wheelchair now due to his ALS and it was very touching that the audience really showed their appreciation for Michael when he was featured on several songs.   Here he is featured on His Hand in Mine.

Hopper Brothers – v2.0 – It was 52 years ago that the original Hopper Brothers appeared at NQC in Memphis.   This new version includes Dean and Michael Hopper, Reggie Smith, and a newbie named Matthew Griffith – aka Matty G!  The more they sang, the better they got!  According to emcee Duane Garren, this was their first “full concert,” so I guess they must’ve done just a couple of songs during their other appearances.   Dean assured the audience that this is not a replacement of the Hopper Family as the group will just be making appearances when the Hoppers’ schedule allows.  Here are Something Within Me and I Know.

Today’s events include a matinee performance by the Second Half Quartet and the evening performance featuring five more quartets plus a second performance from the Mark Trammell Quartet.

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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  1. Reply June 16, 13:06 #1 Sam

    Matt is not really new. He was with The Hoppers back in 1996 on their One Foundation CD, singing lead on the song “An Equal Opportunity God.”

  2. Reply June 16, 16:11 #2 Darrell

    My father in law was there last evening, all the way from the Columbus, OH area. I talked to him afterwards and he made the comment that is was a spiritual enriching time having been there. Also, I don’t think he has heard the Ball Brothers before because he made some comment about their great “sound”. I agreed with him. :-)

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