CD Review: Sunday Drive – Special Edition

CD Review: Sunday Drive – Special Edition

sundaydrive2016specialeditionmaxLabel: Sonlite Records
Producer: Jeff Collins
Artist Website:
SGHistory Page: CLICK HERE
Song Titles: A Good Song; I Thank You; If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven; Don’t Forget My Senior Discount; I’ll Stand For You; I Was On Your Mind; Just Believe; I Got Saved; 11:59
Rating (scale of 1-5 Stars): 3 1/2 Stars

Jeff Treece launched his own group, Jeff Treece Band, in 1999. Ten years later, the group name was changed from Jeff Treece Band to Sunday Drive. Members include Jeff Treece, Misty Treece, and Dusty Treece. Special Edition is their new CD hitting retail outlets in early July.

Misty Treece is the featured vocalist on every track except “Don’t Forget My Senior Discount” and “11:59.” She is not a vocal acrobat; she sings simply with a pleasant tone akin to Anne Murray.

Jeff Treece is Sunday Drive’s primary songwriter, contributing to every track for Special Edition except Kirk Talley’s “If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven.” “I’ll Stand For You” is co-written with Misty, and “11:59” is co-written with Steve Jones.  Jeff is the sole writer of the remaining six songs.

Special Edition gets underway with “A Good Song,” which starts off sounding rather cheesy with a fake brass introduction. Thankfully, the song is better than the opening measures might imply. Once you get past the intro, a lighthearted groove and Misty’s clear vocal tones take over.  The “brass” does return for the chorus, but it’s not as prominent when mixed in with the vocal harmonies.

“I Thank You” settles in with a comfortable Country rhythm. This song re-purposes the chorus from the Nelons’ 1987 classic “Thanks” for a few seconds.

“If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven” is an unplugged remake of a song first recorded by Cedar Ridge in 1986. Jeff was a member of Cedar Ridge, his family’s group, when the song was originally released. (Dusty was a member of Cedar Ridge later.)

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, “Don’t Forget My Senior Discount” is a novelty lyric. Jeff takes us through some of the wonderful joys of growing older. Everything goes well until he requests a discount from the musicians who are playing the song…and that’s the end of that!

The next four songs feature Misty and generally move along in an easy-going Country vein similar to the first three tracks. “I’ll Stand For You” steps up the pace. “I Was On Your Mind” slows it back down. “Just Believe” adds a banjo to the mix for a nice contrast of style. “I Got Saved” has a mid-tempo 12/8 rhythm that’s just getting going when it ends abruptly.

Using an analogy comparing the second coming of Christ to the midnight hour, “11:59” is Jeff’s most thought-provoking lyric on Special Edition. The voice of Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries) drives the point home in the song’s last seconds. The first radio single from Special Edition is “If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven.” I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying to get more mileage out of a song that worked thirty years ago, but “11:59” should have been the more obvious choice.

With only nine tracks clocking in at roughly 29 minutes, Special Edition feels a bit lacking in terms of quantity. The quality is generally good, though, so the overall rating for this CD is 3 1/2 Stars on a scale of 1 to 5.

Overall Rating
3.5 out of 5


3.5 out of 5

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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