#NewsNuggets: 6-27-16

Last Week’s Happenings BMI honored Christian music (all genres) at their 2016 awards ceremony last Tuesday. Several songs from Southern Gospel and/or written by songwriters Southern Gospel fans should recognize

Are you Resting?

This morning, I was reading Hebrews 4 and it got me to thinking about rest. What exactly is rest and am I doing it? Are you dong it? On the

Memphis Quartet Show 2016 – Friday evening concert

To sum it up in one word:  Wow! This was quite an event.  From the variety of artists to the emotional highs and lows, this will go down as one

Is It Legal To Post Concert Videos Online?

We can’t give you a legal answer, but we CAN give you an educated answer.

#NewsNuggets: 6-20-16

Last Week’s Happenings At the Memphis Quartet Convention this past weekend, Daniel Riley announced that lead singer Scott Brand has officially joined Gold City. Brand replaces Chip Pullen who resigned in May

Memphis Quartet Show 2016 – Thursday events

Thursday’s events include a matinee feature and this year the artist appearing was the Second Half Quartet, which includes Chris Allman, Rodney Griffin, Mark Trammell, Pat Barker, and pianist/emcee Gerald

Memphis Quartet Show 2016 – Wednesday evening

Wow!  What a way to start this wonderful event!!   This 4-day show is for male quartets only and there are so many terrific ones appearing this year.  For tonight

CD Review: Sunday Drive – Special Edition

Label: Sonlite Records Producer: Jeff Collins Artist Website: SGHistory Page: CLICK HERE Song Titles: A Good Song; I Thank You; If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven; Don’t Forget

#NewsNuggets: 6-13-16

Learn what Chuck Pettyjohn announced and more in this week’s edition of News Nuggets!