NQC 2015 – Tuesday Artist Showcase

NQC 2015 – Tuesday Artist Showcase

Author’s note:  This article has been sitting in the queue waiting for me to finish it since last September!  I got most of it completed but then life got hectic enough that I totally forgot to finish.   So now that I have realized my very distressing slip-up, here it finally is.   My most sincere apologies to these artists for the delay.

I was able to attend only one NQC event this year for several reasons.  I’m so glad to have gotten to attend one of the artist showcases that was held in the Food Court in the back of the LeConte Center.   By moving the artist showcases to the LeConte Center, many more people chose to attend than when the venue was at the Music Road conference center last year, very good news indeed for the artists that were invited to perform.  Each artist was allowed to sing two selections.   At the end of the program, two of these artists were selected to perform on the Main Stage at the Tuesday evening concert.

Abby Paskvan was asked to open the program and she did a wonderful job singing It Is Well With My Soul.   She was introduced by Claude Hopper who mentioned that Abby had helped the Hoppers by filling in for Kim a few times this year.   Those are certainly some hard shoes to fill!

Here are some of the artists that performed, along with a video of at least one of their songs.  Find out more about each group on their websites.

Ascension Quartet – This was the first group, and they did a great job on this song that I’m guessing the title of – The Lord Knows What To Do.

Christian Davis – Christian has recently resigned from Dailey & Vincent to allow more time for his solo career.   Christian sang his way onto the Main Stage last year.   Here he is singing He Can’t Stop Loving You and Every Scar.

Forgiven Trio – The group that performed at this event was Debbie and Cloid Baker and former member Brian Worley.  They won the chance to sing on Main Stage last year.   Here’s Hallelujah Chorus – not Handel’s version!!

Promised Land Quartet – I was particularly interested to hear this group again this year because my friend and former blogger, Aaron Swain, has recently joined the group.   He’s featured on this song – I’m Going Home With Jesus.   They also sang Jesus Saves, which they also performed after being selected to advance to Main Stage that evening.

Sacred Calling –  This was the second time on an artist showcase by this group from Morristown, TN.   I chose On Our Way to Glory Land to share with you.

The Williamsons – I’m making an exception with this group and including a concert video instead of this appearance because I think the quality is better and I don’t like to post duplicates on my youtube channel anyway!   Here’s Shout!   Be sure and check out this group’s concept video of a song that Lisa Williamson wrote –  Monday.

Tim and Lana Chandler – This group is named for the mom and dad but also includes daughters Tiffany and Lyndsey.  They were selected to sing on Main Stage.   Here is He Will Come Through.

Logan Smith – Well, Logan has done some growing up from when we were first astounded with his Vestal Goodman sound!   He is now 18 years old!  Here he is singing Joy Comes In the Morning.

Zane and Donna King  – These two folks are so good together!   Here they are singing No One  Like God.

Lindsay Huggins – Lindsay wasn’t originally scheduled to appear on the showcase, but with the cancellation of another artist, Lindsay was asked to perform.   I’m glad she did!!    Here’s her charting song, Praying Women.

Timothy Noble – Timothy has played the piano at NQC several times, both at artist showcases and in the Parade of Pianos.  Here he is singing and playing I Am Determined.

Troy Burns Family – I enjoyed hearing this family as they sang I’m Praying For You.

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I noticed that Clarke Beasley has put up quite a number of Main Stage videos on the NQC channel and you can check those out here.


Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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  1. Reply May 24, 00:49 #1 Aaron Swain

    Thanks for including PLQ, Diana! I have to admit; it’s kind of surreal to see myself on your YouTube channel. Ha! Hope to see you again soon!

    • Reply May 24, 13:51 Diana Brantley Author

      I was so glad to be able to see you with Promised Land! So sorry it took so long to post the videos.

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