#NewsNuggets: 5-30-16

Devin McGlamery can write, and other news! :)

Interview: Russell Mauldin, Part 1

Behind the scenes with Christian choral music’s master of accessible arrangements.

Live Redeemed Challenge – Brian Free & Assurance

I certainly applaud all of the groups with their efforts to keep in touch with the fans via their websites, facebook, phone apps, twitter, etc, but this idea really struck me

#NewsNuggets: 5-23-16

That’s “Doctor Gooch” to you…and more in this week’s episode of News Nuggets.

NQC 2015 – Tuesday Artist Showcase

Author’s note:  This article has been sitting in the queue waiting for me to finish it since last September!  I got most of it completed but then life got hectic

North Georgia Sing 2016 (Hiawassee, GA)

This was a fundraising event for the North Georgia School of Gospel Music, a two-week summer camp that teaches theory, sight reading, harmony, ear training, shape notes, composition, piano, voice, conducting,

Diana’s Yearly YouTube Stats – 2016 version

It’s that time of year again when I do a little bit of review of the old YouTube channel.  Sometimes there are some nice surprises to be discovered!    There were

#NewsNuggets: 5-16-16

A photo of LIncoln Ball and his new puppy received thousands of views, shares, likes and comments. Read all about it and more in this week’s News Nuggets article!