Straw Poll: Song Of The Year

Straw Poll: Song Of The Year

Below are the ten songs nominated for a 2016 Singing News Fan Award in the Song Of The Year category. It’s going to be several months before the winner is revealed, so I thought it might be fun to conduct a poll here to see which song OUR readers prefer.

To vote, just leave a comment with your selection listed. I’ll tally up votes after midnight on May 7, so get your vote in by then!

Here’s the list and official links to the songs on YouTube.

“Amazing God” – Triumphant Quartet

“Chain Gang” – Kingdom Heirs

“Jesus, The One” – Hoppers

“Pray Now” – Karen Peck & New River

“Put Out The Fire” – Greater Vision

“That’s A Hallelujah” – Legacy Five

“That’s Just What Grace Does” – Brian Free & Assurance

“Those Who Know Me Know” – Tribute Quartet

“Worry Ends Where Faith Begins” – Whisnants

“You Asked Him To Leave” – Wilburn & Wilburn

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply April 28, 07:32 #1 TJ

    You Asked Him To Leave – Wilburn & Wilburn

  2. Reply April 28, 07:45 #2 Ernie Phillips

    You asked Him to leave…The Wilburns

  3. Reply April 28, 08:51 #3 James Hales

    You Asked Him to Leave – Wilburn and Wilburn

  4. Reply April 28, 08:56 #4 Wayne Brown

    “Amazing God” – Triumphant Quartet

  5. Reply April 28, 09:02 #5 Matt

    Worry Ends Where Faith Begins by The Whisnants

  6. Reply April 28, 09:19 #6 bravesfan513

    “Put Out the Fire!”

  7. Reply April 28, 12:53 #7 Mathew

    That’s Just What Grace Does- Bryan Free & Assurance.

  8. Reply April 28, 14:46 #8 David McGan

    “The Chain Gang”

  9. Reply April 28, 19:06 #9 Daniel_the_tank

    Put out the fire.

  10. Reply April 28, 19:39 #10 anthony

    Those who know me know-Tribute Qt.

  11. Reply April 30, 01:41 #11 Nathan Curtis

    The Chain Gang

  12. Reply April 30, 13:36 #12 Chris Unthank

    Pray Now

  13. Reply May 01, 16:56 #13 Nate Stainbrook

    Put Out The Fire

  14. Reply May 01, 21:35 #14 Josh

    Amazing God

  15. Reply May 02, 10:34 #15 lee65

    Pray Now

  16. Reply May 02, 17:36 #16 Gary

    Amazing God

  17. Reply May 05, 14:03 #17 comehomeforcomfort

    Pray Now – KPNR

  18. Reply May 05, 22:41 #18 Jeff

    Why is Hoppers Jesus the One nominated so early? It was just a new release. My vote ‘Pray Now’

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