The Kingsmen, And Some Old Time Sangin’ At Sea

The Kingsmen, And Some Old Time Sangin’ At Sea

Josh Griffin has posted a couple Kingsmen videos on YouTube from the 2016 Singing At Sea. What makes these videos stand out from other recent clips is the addition of a full band (Brandon Reese on drums, Austin Whisnant on bass guitar, Lucas Vaught on steel guitar, and James Rainey on piano).

Plus, they have Ernie Phillips singing tenor.

UPDATE 3/10: Griffin has added a couple more songs to his YouTube channel. Click HERE to see them all.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Scotty Ray Searan
    Reply March 09, 13:06 #1 Scotty Ray Searan

    Reminds me of them back in 70’s – 90’s. Just mist Big Jim Hamill.
    In my opinion, if you are one of the top groups in SGM you should be able to afford a live band to travel with you. To me that represents the pinnacle of success in SGM.
    If you cannot draw enough people to the concerts to afford a live band you haven’t attained, no matter the airplay or chart activity.
    Quit feeding your ego.
    I believe most people feel the way I do.
    I will give a case in point.
    I am not a pro or semipro by no long shot. But I go along with a lot of other people to a little country church where they have a gospel jam every 4th Saturday night. Whoever wants to sing gets a shot at it.
    I play acoustic guitar along with about 6 to 8 various instruments on stage.
    I can attest by the audience participation, the difference between live and canned music. I see it and the other musicians see it.
    A case in point. There is a lady who attends who has recorded projects and she loves to use the canned music. But she also plays a piano. I challenged her to play the piano instead of canned music. She tried it. And she saw a change in the way the audience responded
    Yes I know it is cheaper for various reasons.
    But it is like this I can eat fresh vegetables or I can eat canned vegetables. They palpable. .But I prefer the fresh over the processed anytime.
    Do people expect professionalism in the music with big arrangements. Yes, but not as much as the producers and A&R people are letting on. We loved professionalism with simplicity.
    Thanks for listening.. But think about it..


  2. JimT
    Reply March 10, 07:39 #2 JimT

    Scotty, I couldn’t agree more. I have quit attending concerts, including NQC, with canned music. I understand the economics, but it is a “chicken and egg” thing. Is attendance down because there isn’t live music, or is there no live music because attendance is down?
    All I know is that I don’t see any other field of music trying to get by with recorded accompaniment, and as Christians, where God demands our best, it is an embarrassment.
    Most groups try to do too much anyway. A simple live piano accompaniment sounds better than a bunch of canned instruments. It worked for the Statesmen and Blackwoods, whom I would prefer to hear right now to most of the groups singing today.


    • Darrell
      Reply March 10, 22:05 Darrell

      Classic 4-part male harmony, accompanied by a keyboard and bass guitar…….. Yes, my friends, a current group uses this arrangement at every one of their concerts. Say hello to the Dixie Echoes, who are a refreshing throwback to the good old days of gospel music.


  3. John
    Reply March 12, 10:00 #3 John

    If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you appreciate any gospel concert. If you live in GA or TN or NC you can afford to selective. Here, even the top groups like Greater Vision, EHSS, and Booth Bros sing to performance tracks. We are starved in this region of the country and the artists simply don’t travel here with bands..


    • Scotty Ray Searan
      Reply March 12, 13:39 Scotty Ray Searan

      John: I do understand where you are coming from. And yes we can be selective over here on the east coast. But I remember what I call the good ole days for me, meaning the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when the groups had live bands and also went to the west coast with their bands.
      But I wonder why does Southern Gospel fans have to settle for second best and groups not have a live band..
      I am not a CCM fan, But here’s a case in point. CASTING CROWNS was just in our area last night. They had a live band. The minimum price for an individual ticket was $30.00. The concert sold out on the second day after the tickets went on sale.
      Back in August I paid $30 to see the Isaacs with live music. But I will not pay $30 to see a group with can music. But I will buy the cd and DVD and enjoy them at home.
      I know I am senior citizen.
      I am taking my 7 year old grandson with me to see a SGM group with a live band. My grandson loves music. He loves to see his grandpa play his guitar, even though it is just strumming it. He loves to here me sing. But the country music turns him on to. I believe he has some music talent, because at least he can keep rhythm and he can sing a little with me. This will be his first sing to attend with a live band and I am hoping it leaves an impression on him.
      I remember Bill Shiver of BF&A singing with a group called the Haire Family over 20 years ago. Bill and I went to same church and the church had a band of Guitars, drums , piano and Organ. I would hop on the Bud with their group and tag along and they had a live band and we had a good time. Brian playing the Guitar I played a guitar also. They Had a Bass , drummer and piano a;sp/ It was good times, but you could see the difference when people used tracks in the semipro circuit with those with a band. The fans were trying to tell the groups something. To keep a live band, but somewhere they lost sight> Fancy productions over live won out.



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