YouTube Find: Gold City with Benny Blackburn

YouTube Find: Gold City with Benny Blackburn

Thanks to Irl Grundy, a full concert video has been posted of Gold City from May of 1984 that includes Benny Blackburn on tenor. Blackburn sang with the group when Brian Free left for a short time to attend college. Although he appeared on several custom recordings between 1983-1984, Blackburn never appeared on a frontline release, as Free returned within a year.

Here’s a bit of rare Gold City history….

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Kyle Boreing

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  1. Reply December 28, 19:39 #1 Tad Kirkland

    Interesting, I never knew he took a break. I ran across this concert of The Hemphills from 1988 with Tanya Goodman filling in for Candy! Pretty neat stuff preserved here.

  2. Reply December 29, 15:13 #2 Darrell

    Good stuff right here. I love the videos out of the archives. On a side note, I thought Benny looked familiar. I figured out that I used to have a album by the Harvesters Quartet when he was singing with them. So that explained it.

    • Reply December 29, 15:33 Darrell

      Another thing that stuck out to me in this video was the fact that they had a 5 member band. So great! Talk about the good ole days!

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