Under Cover Influence

Under Cover Influence

coversWhoever designs CD and DVD covers for the Jubilee series (Greater Vision, Legacy Five & Booth Brothers) is a clearly under the influence of whoever designs the album covers for the a cappella group Straight No Chaser. (Hat tip to Steve Weatherford)

Using stock photos on album covers is a common practice, though not so much now as in the past. Patterning a design after another group’s a slightly different scenario.

Can you think of similar examples?

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply December 02, 10:41 #1 Kyle Boreing

    Michael Buble – “It’s Time” vs Ryan Seaon – “The Stage Is Bare”
    Triumphant Quartet – “Home Free” vs The Kings Heralds – “Encores”

  2. Reply December 02, 21:48 #2 Tad Kirkland

    The Dills “Faith” is the same as Point Of Grace’s Free To Fly.
    The Dills “The Story Of A Lifetime” is the same as POG’s How You Live.
    The Compton’s “Can’t Stay Here” is the same as Selah’s “Press On”.

  3. Reply December 10, 23:10 #3 Taylor Garms

    Wow! I have always loved the Jubilee 2 design, but never realized it was only a copy-cat. One other that immediately comes to mind is The Isaacs “Christmas” and Andrea Bocelli “My Christmas”. It’s really shocking how similar they are!

    As a graphic designer, I completely understand the usefulness of studying and imitating different designs—yet, there should be a limit to the imitation. The Jubilee albums make me cringe now… :P

  4. Reply December 13, 18:11 #4 Gerald Wolfe

    I don’t normally see these types of blogs (thankfully), but a friend forwarded me the link and asked me to check it out.

    The Jubilee covers are by two different designers, and both intentionally done at the request of the Promotion Company.

    I’m still trying to find the edification angle in the post and the comments, but so far, no luck.

    • Reply December 13, 18:21 David Bruce Murray Author

      It’s simply an observation that the designs were copied rather than created from scratch. As you can see from the three comments that preceded yours, the promotion company for Jubilee isn’t the only company that has done this sort of thing.

      Nothing to get worked up about.

    • Reply December 14, 08:49 Kyle Boreing

      “I don’t normally see these types of blogs (thankfully), but a friend forwarded me the link and asked me to check it out.”

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this quote, almost verbatim, from artists who are angry about an article. There is NO shame in reading posts on the Internet. Blogs are not inherently evil and/or mean-spirited (we even have post regular videos from one of the Jubilee singers, often promoting the Jubilee tours).

      And in this case, have a sense of humor. Is this article going to stop people from coming to a Jubilee concert? Are CD sales going to plummet because someone made an observation? I highly doubt it.

      And to be fair, I don’t see the edification angle in Gerald’s post, either….

      • Reply December 14, 09:57 David Bruce Murray Author

        As Kyle alluded to in his parenthetical comment, glance around this website’s front page. There’s a post that went up within days of this article promoting the Jubilee tour. Free publicity is rarely noticed or appreciated by artists and even more rarely acknowledged.

    • Reply December 29, 22:39 Taylor Garms

      Gerald, as I believe it’s safe to assume that my comment might have been the one to especially upset you, I want to extend an apology.

      I was speaking from my perspective as a graphic designer and intended nothing defamatory against the Jubilee gang—or the graphic designers for that matter. I certainly acknowledge and admit that designers rely heavily on the work of each other; I myself have a huge collection of music catalogues, promotional material and other paraphernalia that I pore over when I begin a new project. Inspiration is incredibly important!

      Re-reading my comment, I realize my tone seems rather harsh, especially the last line. I’m so sorry—that was not my intention. It was merely from surprise at the irony of the design look-alike, and I gave a brief critique from my vocational perspective. I apologize that my comment wasn’t edifying and encouraging to you and Jubilee. I love the Jubilee gang and the professionalism you all strive to emanate.

      • Reply December 29, 22:58 David Bruce Murray Author

        Thanks for coming back to clarify your intention.

        I took your first comment to mean you were cringing at the decision to imitate another design so closely. You weren’t saying you would dislike any of the groups involved or their music going forward, at least not to the way I interpreted it.

        It’s possible not everyone took it that way, however, so your second explanation is very much appreciated.

    • Reply June 11, 12:42 Gerald Wolfe

      Correction: The Promotion Company for the Jubilee Tour DID NOT request the cover designs for the earlier mentioned CDs, but only approved what was submitted. The designers were responsible for the designs’ similarities to other projects, and the similarities were intentional. I apologize for my confusion.

      • Reply June 11, 13:02 David Bruce Murray Author

        Thank you for correcting your previous statement. Most people, having made an error, would not have taken the time to do that especially after six months had passed.

        It is a testament to the quality of your character, and I appreciate it.

  5. Reply December 31, 20:11 #5 Jeff Gurnett

    Nobody has anything to apologize about, imo. Blog topics are intended to generate discussion and this one wasn’t at all written to disparage anyone. Gerald was overly sensitive but the simple fact is the two Jubilee covers listed above, as well as those mentioned in the first couple of comments, are blatant rip-off’s of someone else’s design. This is no reflection on the artists but is a reflection on the graphic designers.

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