CD Review: The Bowling Family – Moments Like These

CD Review: The Bowling Family – Moments Like These

bowlingLabel: Daywind Records
Producer: Mike Bowling
Songs: Praise God He Is Alive; One Glorious Moment Of Faith; I Was There; Mourning Into Dancing; I Believe He’s Alive; Even When You’re Asking Why; I’ve Got My Foot On The Rock; God Is Always Good; God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour; Our First Hallelujah There
Rating: 4 Stars (scale of 1-5)

The Bowling Family includes Mike & Kelly Bowling along with their daughter Hope.

You may have read the review of John Bowman‘s CD that I posted yesterday. In that review, I committed a full paragraph to comparing Bowman’s version of “Lies The Devil Told,” a song co-written by Tim Menzies, to the version recorded by Menzies on his 2014 CD, His Way Of Loving Me. I actually wrote that review Tuesday morning.

An hour or so after writing the Bowman review, I sat down to write the review you’re reading right now. That’s when I noticed the Bowling Family has recorded a song on Moments Like These that was also co-written and recorded by Tim Menzies on his 2014 CD. I’m not sure how to go about calculating the odds of this happening on two CDs I chose at random to review back-to-back, but it sure is good to see Menzies’ material getting some attention. Mike Bowling’s vocal on “I Was There” is dripping with character. (And yes, that’s precisely the same phrase I used to describe Menzies’ vocal in the Bowman review). The production style is similarly subdued, with complimentary vocals by Rhonda Vincent and her brother Darin Vincent. I hope Daywind will consider sending “I Was There” to radio as a single, because it’s the main highlight of Moments Like These.

There’s a lot more to like here. Steve Mauldin’s orchestration work on “Praise God He Is Alive,” “One Glorious Moment Of Faith” (the current radio single) and other selections yields an overall refined sound. Kelly shows she’s still one of gospel music’s top expressive singers on the upbeat “Mourning Into Dancing.” “I Believe He’s Alive” features a compelling 12/8 gospel rhythm and a strong chorus. Fans should enjoy it in spite of the too-wordy verses. The simple acoustic guitar accompaniment that launches “Even When Your Asking Why” offers a nice dynamic contrast.

“I’ve Got My Foot On The Rock” is a remake of a classic song in a dramatic, full-throttle style that was always the Crabb Family’s bread and butter. It’s quite a jolt to shift from that to the simpler ballad, “God Is Always Good.” I was a bit surprised to see “God Is Always Good” on this CD when the same song was released by another Daywind artist just a few months earlier (Amber Nelon Thompson’s Just Sing.Moments Like These closes with the suspenseful/fun “God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour” and the slow-build ballad “Our First Hallelujah There.”

As a whole, Moments Like These has more positives going for it than negatives. The music styles are all over the place, but the lyric content is both consistent and well-written. It’s always nice when the production quality is polished. Combining all the other positive elements with the recognizable vocals of the Bowling Family, the result is an overall great collection of song performances.

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  1. Reply December 03, 13:13 #1 Chris Unthank

    “I Was There” is by far the standout track on this record. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever see the light of day at radio.

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