YouTube Find of the Day: Bryan Elliot sings with Gold City

YouTube Find of the Day: Bryan Elliot sings with Gold City

Piano players singing with their respective quartets is nothing new. Hovie Lister made an entire career out of it. If the pianist has the chops, then give them a mic and let them shine for a song or two. In many cases, it was a given that the piano player would be featured vocally at some point.

In other instances, it comes as a bit of a surprise, as it did with this video clip. Bryan Elliot, the heretofore silent piano player with Gold City, steps up to the mic to sing “Show Me The Cross” (originally sung by Mark Trammell). If anyone has ever come close to being a vocal hybrid of Trammell and Mike LeFevre, I think Bryan may be it.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here is the YouTube Find of the Day courtesy of Darrell Shrock:

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Kyle Boreing

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  1. Reply November 24, 12:08 #1 anthony

    Purdy good there.

  2. Reply November 25, 14:29 #2 Darrell

    Kyle, thanks for the pleasant surprise. I started watching this video and then was like, wait, that’s my video! I’m sure glad I caught the moment, even if it was only on my smartphone. Danny said Bryan came to him n said “You guys need to sing this song, because it’s one of my favorite gold city songs.” Danny said, “if it’s your favorite song, why don’t you sing it?” :-) pretty neat…..

  3. Reply November 29, 12:36 #3 Bill Lancaster

    I have an idea. The last few years at NQC they have put together different “quartets”. This next year they should do a “piano players quartet”. Jeff Stice on tenor, Bryan Elliot and/or Trey Ivey on lead/baritone and Stan Whitmire on bass. Gerald Wolfe can play for them.

    • Reply November 30, 10:32 Darrell

      Good idea, Bill. What about piano players who have gained their Eternal Reward? I can think of 3. Roger Bennett on tenor, Hovie Lister on lead, and Anthony Burger on baritone. Not sure who to put in for bass singer.

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