Shuffling Tenors – The Kingsmen & The Anchormen

Shuffling Tenors – The Kingsmen & The Anchormen

The Singing News has announced that Chris Jenkins will be departing the Kingsmen effective December 14th to allow for more time with his son and will be joining the Anchormen after the first of the year, filling the void being left by Derrick Boyd, who is departing the Anchormen to provide full-time care for a family member.

I gotta say, I’m sad to hear Jenkins is leaving the Kingsmen; Battle Cry was one of the strongest albums of 2014, and Jenkins’ lead on “Oh Yes I Am” helped take the song to #1 on the SN Top 80, but I’m also glad to hear he’ll be staying in gospel music. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Boyd as he takes on the health care of a loved one.

As of now, no mention has been made of auditions for the Kingsmen, and no replacement has been named at this time.

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  1. Reply November 30, 19:59 #1 ROBERT York

    With the Old Paths shutting down maybe Chuck Pettyjohn will try out with them he would make a good one

    • Reply December 01, 08:58 Darrell

      Agreed, Robert. I just listened to a little bit of the Old Paths online, and he sounds good. But of course he is, if he was tapped to take Jeremy Peace’s place. :-)

      • Reply December 01, 10:53 Jeremy Peace

        Chuck is a fine guy and would do well for any group in need of a tenor. Friendly and a nice voice.

        • Reply December 01, 10:56 David Bruce Murray

          When I saw the Old Paths a couple of weeks ago, Chuck was a bit under the weather vocally. I was impressed by how much control he had despite obviously having to fight through it to get it done.

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