Recording Oddities: Gold City – “I’m Free Again”

Recording Oddities: Gold City – “I’m Free Again”

This is an oddity that I can’t really verify exists, so I’m taking this one to the masses for help!

Back in 2003, Gold City started a relationship with New Haven Records, wherein they would distrbute albums recorded on the group’s in-house label, GCM Records. Aside from their Very Best Of Gold City compilation, the only album of new material to be released under this relationship was Camp Meetin’, which was also Danny Riley’s official debut with the group.

When the CD was first released, I worked in Christian retail at the time. I remember putting this CD in a player at work and the first rack, “I’m Free Again,” starting with literally no introduction. I hit play, and the first thing I heard was the group singing the first line, “Satan led my soul astray…..” A little odd and somewhat jarring, but ok.

I admit, I didn’t listen to this CD too much after its release, but I did remember it being an enjoyable listen, so when I found it on Spotify, I added it to my playlist that I shuffle during the way while working. I was somewhat surprised when “I’m Free Again” came up – it actually had a 4-bar intro that I don’t ever remember hearing.

This led me to wonder….was this introduction accidentally removed from some pressings of the original CD release, or perhaps added to the project later? Or am I simply not remembering the original CD correctly?

So I’m calling all MusicScribe readers – does anyone have a CD copy of this project from 2003 that can verify whether “I’m Free Again” has an intro on it??

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Kyle Boreing

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  1. Reply November 23, 11:49 #1 djsfromclevelandd

    just played my cd, has a little intro.

  2. Reply November 23, 14:14 #2 coomercove

    I think Gold City first sold this cd at their homecoming event in Gadsden and I bought it that night. My copy has the intro.

  3. Reply November 23, 14:14 #3 Brad

    Mine has about a 7 second intro that sounds like a very soft acoustic guitar. There is about a 1 second pause and then the vocals start much louder than the intro. It sounds like it could have been added later but if you were listening with the volume low, you might not even hear the intro at all. If that were the case, the vocals starting much louder than the intro would sound like the very beginning of the song.

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