First Look: Josh Feemster with Legacy Five

First Look: Josh Feemster with Legacy Five

When Scott Fowler announced that Legacy Five had hired Josh Feemster to sing tenor, there were some rumblings as to whether or not Feemster, up to that point known as a lead singer, would have the range and stamina to keep up with L5’s sound (especially since Gus Gaches’ departure was due in part to vocal fatigue).

Well, thanks to Sam Piper (who posted this video on Josh’s Facebook profile), we now have our first look at Legacy Five with Josh Feemster on tenor during his first weekend out with Legacy Five (during a Cathedrals Family Reunion event)….

What do you think? Are any worries laid to rest?

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Kyle Boreing

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  1. Reply November 09, 08:54 #1 Darrell

    That was great! Sounded pretty effortless to me. In my mind, Josh was always one of those higher lead singers. Kind of like Ricky Carden or Bill Shivers. So the switch to tenor shouldn’t be too much of an issue. At least for right now. Of course L5 does have a pretty heavy touring schedule. Even so, I think he will do well.

  2. Reply November 09, 12:28 #2 Brad Andrews

    Sounds like he’ll be just fine. A very resonant tenor sound – the resonance is very forward. I’ve always preferred that in tenors. GVB-esque…

  3. Reply November 09, 12:59 #3 billnlea

    wow… woww……. no worriies….. hear a Cathedral sound in here

  4. Reply November 09, 13:04 #4 Corbin Butler

    Sorry, really don’t agree, sounds like a lead trying to sing tenor, not “Mr. Rosie” a tenor singing tenor.

    • Reply November 09, 16:29 Darrell

      Obviously Scott thinks Josh can “tote the mail”, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten the job. I’m guessing there were actual tenor singers out there who also auditioned. Speaking of which, I don’t think you have to sound like one of the Chipmunks in order to be considered a tenor singer. :-)

  5. Reply November 10, 10:34 #5 Aaron Swain

    I’m looking at it with the understanding that he probably needs time to acclimate. The N’Harmony revival that he ended up being a part of was, what, 5 years ago? And that wasn’t consistent dates like he had with Mercy’s Mark, so he hasn’t truly been “on the road” in roughly 8 years. If he can do this well on his first night back after that, I think he’ll be fine.

  6. Reply November 13, 22:00 #6 Betty Gardner

    Josh is doing an awesome job. He fits in real well with the other guys.

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