DVD/CD Review: Tribute – Live At Daywind Studios

DVD/CD Review: Tribute – Live At Daywind Studios

live_daywindLabel: Daywind Records
Producer: Scott Godsey
Songs: I Could Sing About Heaven; The Unclouded Day; Oh, What A Savior; I Remember The Day; Every Day With Jesus; Those Who Know Me Know; I Will Rise; I’m Living In Canaan Now; God Of All My Days; Too Much To Gain To Lose; I Remember The Day (encore)
Rating: 4 Stars (scale of 1-5)

Tribute: Live At Daywind Studios is the first in a series of DVD/CD releases from Daywind Records. They’ll be rolling out more titles in the coming weeks and months featuring different artists (Jim Brady Trio, Michael English, etc.).

The format is similar to Daywind’s Live At Oak Tree series from 6-7 years ago. Musicians are isolated in soundproof rooms while the group performs their vocals in the main room. A key difference in this new series is the addition of a small audience to interact with the singers. Also, some interviews moderated by Gerald Wolfe are spliced in at a few spots. That’s not a back-and-forth deal for the entire DVD, though. Most songs flow directly into the next song, just as they would at a live concert.

The ten songs include standards like “The Unclouded Day,” “Oh What A Savior,” “I’m Living In Canaan Now” and “Too Much To Gain To Lose” as well as songs Tribute is known for singing like “I Could Sing About Heaven,” “Those Who Know Me Know” and “I Will Rise.”  The CD duplicates the DVD’s audio track and includes the interviews. Some of these songs feature dramatic endings and are more ideally designed for a big building with a big audience, so it’s interesting to watch how they translate to a much smaller, yet still enthusiastic crowd. Overall the production and editing quality is top-notch.

If this first title in the new series is any indication, the addition of an audience to interact with the singers plus the inclusion of a few formal interviews gives the Live At Daywind Studios series more of a commercial appeal than the Live At Oak Tree series. Like Oak Tree, though, the word “live” in the title isn’t entirely accurate. We see musicians playing piano, guitars, and drums, sure, but the musicians in that string orchestra must be invisible. Also much like the Live At Oak Tree series, the studio is merely the setting for the Live At Daywind Studios series. If the title leads you to believe you might get a look behind the scenes at the recording process or anything particularly unique about the facility, you’re going to be disappointed.

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