DVD Review: Greater Vision – As We Speak/The Lyric Video

DVD Review: Greater Vision – As We Speak/The Lyric Video

P1070195Music Producer: Lari Goss
Video Producer: Ben Wolfe
Song Titles: “Put Out the Fire” (Rodney Griffin), “We Can’t Tell It All” (Phil Cross), “Toes In The Water” (Rodney Griffin), “He Does” (Chris Allman), “In The Sandals Of Daniel” (Rodney Griffin), “Let The Blood Of Calvary Speak For Me” (Joel Hemphill/Candy Hemphill Christmas/Lari Goss), “Never Will I Ever Again” (Regina Walden), “I Do Know” (Rodney Griffin), “Saved By The Same Grace” (Chris Allman/Rodney Griffin), “As We Speak” (Rodney Griffin)
Rating: 4 stars (scale of 1-5)

As We Speak: The Lyric Video offers the same selection of songs as the Greater Vision As We Speak CD released earlier this year. The DVD adds introductions by the songwriters before each song. Also, as the subtitle implies, this is not a live concert video or collection of concept videos showing Greater Vision singing. Instead, each song features colorful backgrounds with the song lyrics creatively displayed in sync with the performance. The backgrounds are typically motion loops, but some songs also feature landscape scenes.

Several folks reviewed the CD a few months ago. You can check out some of those reviews by clicking here, here and here. I won’t bore you by describing each song again. I’ll just mention my favorite cuts, which are, in order: “Never Will I Ever Again,” “Put Out The Fire,” and “I Do Know.” The entire recording is very good, but those are the three that really stood out to me.

I am impressed by the overall quality of the video production. The moving backgrounds are compelling, and there’s a nice variety of fonts, transitions and animations used for the lyrics. I did catch one typo. The word “aisle” is rendered as “isle” on the song “Saved By The Same Grace.”

It’s always interesting to hear how and why a song was written, but some of the introductions before each song run long. After watching this DVD a couple of times, I suspect most fans will want to skip ahead and just experience the song. When you use your remote to skip ahead to the next chapter, however, you’re just going to hear the next song’s introduction. It’s too bad no one thought to add chapter breaks at the beginning of each song. An even better solution would have been to write an extra “just songs” menu for the DVD that would have skipped all the songwriter introductions automatically. As designed, your only option is to fast-forward through the introductions if you don’t want to hear them again.

As long as I’m making a wish list of features, I’ll add one more. As a church music director, I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if this DVD had included an alternate audio track with no vocals so these videos could be used for accompaniment and displayed during a performance. (As a side note, the complete album soundtrack is available for purchase on CD from Daywind and/or directly from Greater Vision. Someone with video editing skills might still be able to make it happen if you purchase both products.)

I love how Greater Vision is thinking outside the box with As We Speak: The Lyric Video. Lyric videos have been popular on YouTube and other video sharing websites for some time, but many of those are poor quality. The imagery and production work on this DVD is professional grade. Because of the extended introductions and the lack of any way to easily skip ahead, however, I’m afraid most fans won’t watch this DVD more than once or twice. My rating of 4 Stars would have been at least a half star higher if it weren’t for that issue in the design.

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