Concert Catch-Up – post #2

Concert Catch-Up – post #2

This is the second in a series of abbreviated concert reviews.   As I was trying to decide which concerts and artists to feature in each of these posts, I was reminded just how blessed I have been this year.  Even though my schedule kept me from going to all of the concerts I wanted to attend, I sure did make it to some great ones!!


Canton Junction – This group from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas toured part of the Southeast during their journey to the National Quartet Convention this year and one of their concerts was close enough for me to attend!   It was terrific to see Matthew Hagee for the first time and to see Casey Rivers, Ryan Seaton, Tim Duncan and producer/arranger/pianist Garry Jones again.  And to make it even better, they had Ivan Parker and The Isaacs on the program as well!    Ivan was also our emcee.   And since the concert was at Lee University, the home of the Voices of Lee, they sang for us, too!   Here are some videos from that concert:


During the fall, I got to see The Ball Brothers a few times.   These guys have some of the most beautiful harmony sounds in all of southern gospel music, in my humble opinion!  And after they added a new bass and moved their former bass up to baritone, their sound is just really complete for me!   Now there are two real Ball Brothers – Daniel and Andrew, and one Ball in-law – Chad McCloskey, and one super terrific non-family member – Jon Epley.  Judge for yourself:


The Jim Brady Trio also came within my range again in the fall.  I had seen them very early in the year, right after they had started the group.   Although they were great before, I thought they were even better this time.


An exciting, talented group that I have been able to see several times is a group called Veritas, which is Latin for truth.  This group classifies itself as  “contemporary classical genre.”   I have seen them twice in the last few months – once in concert where they were the only artist and once with TaRanda Greene, who we all know from The Greenes!

Veritas’s members are Andrew Goodwin, Jordan Johnson, Jeff Anderson, James Berrian, and Lucas Scott Lawrence.   Just as a introduction, I wanted to post these videos from the two concerts.     Just as a further note – Veritas performed at Carnegie Hall this week with Sandi Patty and will be featured during Sandi’s farewell tour called Forever Grateful next year!

TaRanda has really come into her own.  By being a soloist now, I think she has greater freedom to select the songs she wants and she really does make them her own!  This concert was at the Mount Paran Church of God where Stan Whitmire is the pianist but for this concert, the very talented Geron Davis had the keyboard duties!    There were several people standing during the concert – and one of them was right in front of me – which sort of limited my view for videos.   I still managed to get some, and you’ll be able to see the gentleman in front of me!!


Thanks for reading and watching!   I have more videos of each of these artists on my youtube channel as well if you’d like to see more.

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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