CD Review: Troy Burns Family – It’s Only Goodnight

CD Review: Troy Burns Family – It’s Only Goodnight

troy burns familyLabel: Butler Music Group
Producers: Troy Burns Family & Jeff Tolbert
Songs: Let Us Sing; Everywhere I Looked; I Found A Treasure; I’m Amazed; It’s Only Goodnight; Worn Out Leather Bible; Count Me In; So Simple, So Profound; I’ll Stand By The Cross; Store Front Mission; The Potter; Yes, I Will Be There
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars (scale of 1-5)

The Troy Burns Family is a trio consisting of Roland Kesterson, Tammy Odom Burns, and of course, Troy Burns (former Inspirations bass & lead singer and current Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion lead singer). Their most recent CD, It’s Only Goodnight, includes a total of 12 songs.

If you’re a long-time Inspirations fan, you should recognize a few of these songs. “I Found A Treasure” is a mid-tempo song written by Stancil Morris that Troy first recorded with the Inspirations in 1975. He recorded “Count Me In” with the Inspirations on the 1981 LP Is That Footsteps That I Hear? “So Simple, So Profound” was also included on an Inspirations recording, 2012’s It’s In The Savior’s Hands, but of course, this was after Troy had left the group.

One of the highlights is the upbeat Adger Pace convention song, “Let Us Sing,” which kicks off the CD. “Everywhere I Looked” gives our ears the first opportunity to hear a solo verse by Tammy. She has a rich alto tone. Tammy is also featured on “I’m Amazed.” The title track, “It’s Only Goodnight,” allows Troy to show his lower range with some baritone notes on the verses.

If my ears aren’t deceiving me, the first ten songs on It’s Only Goodnight only feature solos by Troy and Tammy. Roland Kesterson’s solo moments are saved for the last two tracks. They should feature him more often. “The Potter” is one of the better songs on the CD in terms of arrangement and vocal performance.

In terms of lyrical content…the message in the songs, in other words…It’s Only Goodnight is both excellent and thought provoking. In terms of lyric structure, I noticed a few awkward phrases on some of the newer songs with either too many syllables forced into the same phrase or a word’s naturally weak syllable positioned on a strong beat.

As for the overall sound, first imagine the classic Inspirations. Subtract Archie Watkins’ piercing tenor and replace it with a confident, pleasing alto voice, then subtract the bass singer. That’s the sound of the Troy Burns Family. The instrumentation is similar to studio recordings of the Inspirations from recent years. Mike Riddle and Jeff Tolbert of the Primitives Quartet play most of instruments.

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  1. Reply November 19, 09:39 #1 bravesfan513

    Kesterson is now baritone for the Inspirations.

  2. Reply November 19, 14:41 #2 Troy Burns

    Thanks David, for Troy Burns Family Review. Kesterson is full time with Inspirations. We are looking for a keyboard playing baritone singer. Troy Burns. 828-736-1981

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