CD Review: Larry Wilson – More Than Enuff

CD Review: Larry Wilson – More Than Enuff

1500x1500srProducer: Larry Wilson & Jay Robison
Songs: Candidate For A Miracle; His Hands Are Stretched Out Still; In Stepped Jesus; He Is My Music; He Just Got Up; Headed Home; More Than Enuff; The Size Of Your God; Swept Away (prelude); Swept Away; Wash Me; The Beauty Of Your Light; The Letter; Thank You; He Just Got Up (extended cut); He Is My Music (extended cut)
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars (scale of 1-5)

More Than Enuff includes thirteen country gospel songs written and performed by Larry Wilson. The other three tracks include a prelude to the song “Swept Away” and extended versions of “He Just Got Up” and “He Is My Music.” Appropriately twangy tracks complement Wilson vocals, sometimes gritty and always nasal. Guitars, steel and otherwise, figure prominently into the mix.

“Candidate For  Miracle” has a few awkward phrases, but I’m not sure if the sort of audience Wilson is aiming for is going to mind. “He Is My Music” slows the tempo down a bit for one of the CD’s highlights. “He Just Got Up” tells the story of two resurrections (Lazarus and Jesus) overly an infectious groove. The snare cadence on “Headed Home” sets the stage nicely for a soldier song. “Wash Me” has that “tear your heart out” quality with a message akin to Kris Kristofferson’s  classic “Why Me, Lord.” The driving rhythm of “The Beauty Of Your Light” is a welcomed musical contrast.

When I saw the cheesy CD title and noticed the insert printed on cheap paper and blank on the back, I expected the production quality would also sound cheap. First impressions aren’t always correct. The instruments are solid, and the style is well-matched to Wilson’s vocals. He’s not the most creative songwriter, but Wilson makes up for it when it comes to conveying emotion in his voice.

More Than Enuff could be better in a few respects. The background vocals are rather sterile. I would have liked to hear them support the level of energy Wilson was bringing more effectively. Also, the songs start to sound too similar about halfway in. Some judicious pruning of the material down to 10-11 tracks (or 13 including the two extended versions) would have improved the overall impact. The slow prelude track before the up-tempo “Swept Away” really did nothing to add to the song, for example. I would have also left off the generic “mama” song titled “The Letter” and “Thank You” due to its weaker production quality compared to the rest of the CD. Including the extended length versions of two songs at the end was a great idea, though. I’d like to see more artists offering alternate takes like these.

Although this is not the best CD I’ve ever heard, Wilson’s effort to create an entertaining collection of songs was more than “enuff.” (Everyone reading this may now collectively groan in unison.)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply November 18, 13:41 #1 Steven

    Just want to say that I enjoy these mini cd reviews of relatively unknown artists. Its nice to hear some different music, especially since some of them are on spotify.

    • Reply November 18, 14:10 David Bruce Murray Author

      Thank you for letting me know, Steven.

      I try to at least publish some sort of rating for every CD that is sent my way, regardless of whether they are backed by a major label.

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