CD Mini-Review: Michael English – “Worship”

CD Mini-Review: Michael English – “Worship”

Produced by Michael English & Kevin Stevens
Daywind Records
Format: CD & Digital
Available: October 9, 2015


Song list:  (1) “Blessed Be Your Name” –  (2) “10,000 Reasons” – (3) “A Little More Jesus” – (4) “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” – (5) “Everybody Clap Your Hands” – (6) “O The Blood” – (7) “Let It Rain”  – (8) “No Weapon” – (9) “He’s Able” – (10) “Revelation Song” – (11) “Hallelujah For The Cross”

After nearly two decades with Curb Records, Michael English made a shift to Daywind for his latest album, Worship, a collection of modern P&W standards. When I first heard about this album, I expected a follow-up of sorts to his landmark 1999 Gospel project, with unique and innovative arrangements, only this time aimed at the more recent worship hits. What we get instead is English adding vocals to a collection of tracks pulled from the Daywind commercial performance tracks catalog.

English, for his part, gives his usual impressive vocal performance, albeit adapted to the existing tracks. He’s just one of those artists that could sing the phone book and make it sound great. His creativity, unfortunately, is hindered by the use of the tracks, especially with the backing vocals already in place on most of the songs.

Worship does benefit from most of the tracks being fairly recent, so the quality is still decent (compared to other recent Daywind tracks projects that utilize recordings that are upwards of 20 plus years old). Credit definitely needs to go to the mixing engineers who don’t make the use of the tracks obvious.

Am I disappointed? A bit, because English is just as impressive a producer as he is a vocalist. Hopefully in his next outing, he’ll get a little more freedom (and more of a budget) to give us some more creativity.

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  1. Reply October 07, 11:35 #1 David Bruce Murray

    Of all English’s solo releases, this is my least favorite. The cheap production quality is just a bit too obvious.

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