Transition For Anthony Facello/Beyond The Ashes

Transition For Anthony Facello/Beyond The Ashes

In a press release issued today, Anthony Facello announced he will be performing solo dates going forward as well as a few select events with a group billed as Beyond The Ashes & Friends.

These changes for Facello come after the departure of Dustin Doyle and Tyler Vestal from Beyond The Ashes, the group formed by Facello ten years ago. Doyle and Vestal have joined Ernie Haase & Signature Sound in recent weeks, replacing Doug Anderson and Wayne Haun respectively. Beyond The Ashes most recently recorded for the Haase-owned StowTown Records label.

In his statement, Facello said in part:

Thank you to all of the wonderful friends, churches and promoters who believed in Beyond The Ashes and in me. I will continue to nurture those wonderful relationships God has blessed me with. I love you all and ask for your continued prayers as I walk in this new season.

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  1. Reply September 03, 12:41 #1 quartetfan

    Wow that hurts. I know it’s a business and a good financial decision for the guys, but ouch.

  2. Reply September 03, 14:09 #2 Steve

    While I have not followed BTA very extensively, I did enjoy the sound of their last project. I really enjoyed hearing Anthony with Mercy’s Mark and his talent shined in his own group. This press release gives more of a feel of “i needed to make a statement on the departure of the group members” and a little uncertainty. By seeing some of the social media posts, I applaud Anthony on his positivity and hope He surfaces with a group soon (if thats the Lord’s leading). Of course, Legacy 5 has a tenor opening………

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