First Look – Taranda Greene, Doug Anderson, & Jody McBrayer

First Look – Taranda Greene, Doug Anderson, & Jody McBrayer

On the same day that Ernie Haase announced the addition of Tyler Vestal to Signature Sound, a photo appeared on Taranda Greene’s Facebook page of herself with former EHSS member Doug Anderson and Jody McBrayer (formerly of Avalon). Subsequent posts indicated that this was not just a one-time deal, but a new trio forming. According to Taranda, they have already begun work on a new CD.

No name has been officially announced as of yet, but she has tagged them with “#BetterTogether,” which could be a hint or could just be something she likes. Either way, thanks to YouTube user Preston Flowers, here is your FIRST LOOK at this new trio together:

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Kyle Boreing

Kyle has been writing for MusicScribe since 2008. He is a musician, producer, arranger, and occasional quartet singer, who pays way too much attention to recordings. He is an alumni of Stamps-Baxter School of Music and has shared the stage with many different artists. He also really likes movies that are "so bad they're good." Visit his website at, or follow him on Twitter @kyleboreing.

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  1. Reply September 03, 13:34 #1 Tad Kirkland

    This is huge!

  2. Reply September 03, 13:51 #2 Darrell

    Wait, what happen to Doug’s solo career? That was very short-lived. :-P

  3. Reply September 03, 13:56 #3 David Bruce Murray

    Songwriters are going to hate this trio. They don’t need any new material. All they need to do is record songs others have sung before like this one (Gary Driskell’s “Jesus Never Fails”, originally a number one CCM song by Truth).

    Whenever this group sings an old song, it’s going to sound brand new.

    Whoever had the idea to put Taranda Greene, Doug Anderson and Jody McBrayer together in the same group has a lot of musical savvy. They’re going to be tough to top.

    To answer your question, Darrell, Taranda said in her Facebook post that they’re only going to sing a few select dates each year as a trio while continuing to mostly do solo concerts individually.

    Their fans are probably going to insist on more appearances than that.

    • Reply September 03, 15:53 Darrell

      Thanks for the clarification, David. I didn’t check out Taranda’s FaceBook posts for myself. Your comment about whoever had the idea to put these three singers together having a lot of musical savvy reminded me of something. Wasn’t Avalon kind of a hand picked group when they got started? Here is a quote from their wiki page: “Avalon was formed in 1995 after Norman Miller of Proper Management took the idea of a vocal group to Grant Cunningham, A&R Director at Sparrow Records. Miller’s vision was to have two male and two female vocalists who could sing tight harmonies and carry the Gospel to the world.” Not sure who was the brainchild behind this trio, but as you said, they will be tough to top.

      • Reply September 05, 12:50 David Bruce Murray

        Yes, when Avalon was formed in 1995, the all-male 4Him and the all-female Point Of Grace were the model. Both groups had experienced an almost instant success just a few years earlier, so there seemed to be room in the market to add a mixed format of equally talented singers. There was also the pressure of “they have one, so we need one too.” 4Him was on the Benson label while Point Of Grace was on Word, so Sparrow Records wanted to be in the same “space” in terms of music style. Miller’s idea was really a no-brainer: add a third vocal “quartet” in a mixed format.

        The big difference was that the members of 4Him and Point Of Grace were friends who decided to sing together and ended up doing quite well. The members of Avalon auditioned over a period of several months and ended up doing quite well.

        Looking back, the only contrast between the three groups that really stands out is continuity. Point Of Grace has had two departures and one addition in their 25-year history (ultimately shifting to a trio format). They’re still going strong. The members of 4Him never changed during the 16 years they were together. They toured heavily. When they’d had enough, they moved on individually to other things.

        In contrast, Avalon has replaced five members in their 20-year history (or seven if you count the two members who left before the first album had been recorded). They do still sing, but only occasionally. According to their website, they only have one upcoming event scheduled at the moment and their primary focus as individuals right now is leading worship in their respective churches. They’re essentially a very part-time group whose most recent recording was made six years ago.

        • Reply September 05, 22:03 Jeff Gurnett

          I follow Greg Long of Avalon on Facebook and they have been in the studio working on a new studio recording.

  4. Reply September 03, 15:59 #4 James Hales

    OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Reply September 05, 09:46 #5 Tad Kirkland

    They’ll either be huge or way under appreciated. I’m afraid for the latter with SG audiences often snubbing great talent.

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