First Look: Aaron McCune with Dailey & Vincent

First Look: Aaron McCune with Dailey & Vincent

Here’s a first look at Dailey & Vincent with their new bass singer, former Gold City and Palmetto State Quartet bass singer Aaron McCune. This performance happened September 18 in Denton, NC.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. anthony
    Reply September 22, 19:51 #1 anthony

    Good Sangin’

  2. QwertyJuan
    Reply September 22, 20:50 #2 QwertyJuan

    What happened to Christian Davis?

    • James Colville
      Reply October 07, 17:51 James Colville

      Christian Davis moved onto a solo carrier. See his web site for details. I found out that he had left when we were at the D&V concert at The State Theater in Falls Church Va on October 2nd. I was able to ask Jamie Daily about it and he said that Christian wanted to move along. That is all he said. There is a great new release here:

      We heard Aaron with them at the concert. He did great! Looking forward to group getting their harmony honed in with Aaron!

      Please be in prayer for both Christian and D&V.
      James Colville
      Yacolt, Washington

  3. Harry Spring
    Reply June 11, 22:18 #3 Harry Spring

    I like both of them. Aaron is terrific and not hard to look at either! Fortunately this show is not afraid of showcasing other singers and musicians on their show. (D&V) My saturday nights always include most all of RFD-TV shows.

  4. unabiker
    Reply December 11, 17:24 #4 unabiker

    Just got RFD and was fortunate enough to be tuned in 12/316 and watch Aaron covering K.K. 70’s tune Why Me Lord…wish I could have taped it . I have looked on Youtube hoping someone posted it.

    • Carolyn Carver
      Reply November 04, 22:04 Carolyn Carver

      I just saw the re-run of this tonite (11-4) Absolutely OUTSTANDING. I am trying to find it on CD. Just beautifui.

  5. Virginia Gharky
    Reply July 15, 22:13 #5 Virginia Gharky

    I watch Dailey and Vincent weekly specifically to hear Aaron McCune’s rich and deep voice. When he doesn’t sing I am ticked, especially when he is replaced by Christian Davis. Please give Aaron more solos. I am not really interested in the show when Aaron is not on. Thank you.

  6. Debby Hood
    Reply August 19, 21:38 #6 Debby Hood

    Aaron is great!

  7. jane
    Reply August 31, 11:00 #7 jane

    where is aaron now?

  8. Timothy Lenhart
    Reply November 05, 07:36 #8 Timothy Lenhart

    Went to a local Daily and Vincent concert in Frederick Maryland not only to see the group but especially Aaron. That young fella can sing and knocks what ever he sings out of the park. I was happy at the concert to see the microphone in his hand more often by himself.
    Suggestion on your concerts? More Bluegrass songs, it’s what your best at brothers.

  9. Judi D
    Reply December 06, 10:34 #9 Judi D

    just love Aarons bass, (not that I don’t love all of you, you’re all great) , but have been trying to remember what gospel quartet he used to sing with? Cant wait to see you all in Stuart next year!!!!!!!

    • Chris Dale
      Reply April 04, 20:59 Chris Dale

      He sang with the Anchormen and Gold City quartet. His bass has such rich tone and a pleasant resonance that really gives him a clean sound not found in lots of more coarse sounding voices.

  10. Jane
    Reply April 15, 19:27 #10 Jane

    I love listening to Aaron!

  11. Tom
    Reply June 14, 12:06 #11 Tom

    I love to hear Aaron’s rich, deep, all-out-for-America voice … and when he sang “The Fightin Side of Me” at the Grand Ol Opry, he absolutely, positively, unequivocally brought the house down. What a performance! What a bass! Keep Aaron in the spotlight.

  12. Shirley J. Ritzman
    Reply June 25, 13:30 #12 Shirley J. Ritzman

    I’m in my 80’s and I have sung with choirs and other groups all my life . I have NEVER heard deep,rich,smooth voice as Aaron McCune.I can’t miss Sat. night show.

  13. Dee
    Reply October 27, 22:06 #13 Dee

    My husband and I saw Aaaron when he was with both the Anchormen and Palmetto State Quartet in Manson, Iowa. at the same church. He always seemed so humble!! Just loved loved loved his voice…still do. Never miss watching RFD on Saturday nights.

  14. JoAnn
    Reply December 07, 13:04 #14 JoAnn

    You are great.

    Where is Erin McCune from? He is a keeper.

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