CD Mini Review: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – “Happy People: Deluxe Edition”

CD Mini Review: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – “Happy People: Deluxe Edition”

Happy People Deluxe EditionClick here for our original review of Happy People.

Song list:  (1) “One Of These Mornings” – [Herbert Brewster]  (2) “Happy People” – [Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey]  (3) “Thank You For Saving Me” – [Michael Farren/Greg Sykes]  (4) “Love Walked In” – [Wayne Haun/Jeff Bumgardner]  (5) “Jesus Changed Everything” – [Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun /Joel Lindsey]  (6) “Let Your Love Light Shine” – [Rachel McCutcheon]  (7) “Angels Everywhere”  – [Ernie Haase/Dianne Wilkinson]  (8) “It’s Good To See The Sun” – [Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey] (9) “Joshua Led God’s Children” – [Vep Ellis]  (10) “A Soldier Fighting To Go Home” – [Joel Lindsey /David Pike]  (11) “I Do Believe” – [William J. Gaither/Gloria Gaither] (12) “Redemption Draweth Nigh” – [Gordon Jensen] (13) “It’s Jesus In Me” – [Ernie Haase/Dianne Wilkinson] (14) “Go Down Moses” – [Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey] (15) “Oh What A Savior” – [Marvin P. Dalton]

When Doug Anderson announced his departure from Signature Sound, many wondered if Happy People, their latest release, would be pushed back or released with Doug’s vocals intact. They went ahead with the release, mostly because they had already shot the accompanying DVD with Doug in the group. After Dustin Doyle was named the newest vocalist with the group, a new “Deluxe Edition” was announced that would include Doyle’s vocals replacing Anderson’s (at least on some songs) and four additional songs to bring the track total to 15 songs.

So, what’s different? Well, for starters, Doug’s harmonies appear to be left alone, and even his solo lines on “Happy People” remain, as does his lead vocal on “Love Walked In.” The songs that were recut include “Jesus Changed Everything,” “A Soldier Fighting To Come Home,” and “I Do Believe.” This creates an odd mix of both Doug and Dustin on one album.

The new songs include “Redemption Draweth Nigh,” the song that was used to introduce Dustin at the Memphis Quartet Show (and was recently released as a single and video), “It’s Jesus In Me,” “Go Down Moses,” and yet another version of “Oh What A Savior.” “Nigh” is pretty much straight-forward, with no fancy arrangement work. “Moses” is done a cappella in an old-style spiritual sound and gives Paul Harkey another great bass feature.

“It’s Jesus In Me” is an ok song – not single material, but I can’t figure out why they would include yet another version of “Oh What A Savior.” I don’t have the liner notes for the album yet, but I”m going to guess based on the instrumentation that this gives everyone the full Signature Sound – with Wayne Haun, Tyler Vestal, and David Griffin.

If you have the original release of Happy People, you’ve already got about half of this album, but if you want the most current group (as well as the new songs), then pick up the Deluxe Edition.

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