#NewsNuggets: 9-28-15

Last Week’s Happenings Joe Mullins was announced as the new host of the syndicated radio program Front Porch Fellowship. Prayer Requests Please pray for Russ Taff as he recovers from

Dealing With Relational Stress

If you have lived for any amount of time, you have probably been through a breakup of some kind. Whether it was a spouse, a close friend, a boyfriend or

2015 Survey Series – Round 3/Survey 6 – Results Posted

Voting has ended. Results are posted below: Jesus Is Coming Soon – Inspirations – 5 votes I’ll Meet You In The Morning – Dove Brothers – 4 votes The Lighthouse

Commentary: For The Sake Of The Call – Dreams vs Calling

Are we as modern Christians getting confused between a “dream” and a “calling”?

First Look: Aaron McCune with Dailey & Vincent

Here’s a first look at Dailey & Vincent with their new bass singer, former Gold City and Palmetto State Quartet bass singer Aaron McCune. This performance happened September 18 in

#NewsNuggets 9-21-15

Last Week’s Happenings Brian Free & Assurance announced the departure of eight-year bass singer Jeremy Lile who has been having health issues in recent months. Karen Peck & New River

Are You Selfish?

I believe one thing almost everyone deals with is selfishness. In a lot of things, one person’s struggle may not be his neighbor’s but, in the area of selfishness, this

2015 Survey Series – Round 3/Survey 5 – Results Posted

Voting has ended. Results are posted below: 1. Happy Rhythm – Old Friends – 7 votes 2. Who Am I – Perrys – 8 votes 3. Mansion Over The Hilltop

CD Mini-Review: Tammy Jones Robinette – My Amazing Life

Song Titles: “My Amazing Life,” “I’ll Make It,” “The Same Hands,” “He Is God Alone,” “I Found Grace,” “Heaven (I’m So Glad It’s Real),” “I’m Gonna Pray,” “He Can Do

CD Mini Review: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – “Happy People: Deluxe Edition”

Click here for our original review of Happy People. Song list:  (1) “One Of These Mornings” – [Herbert Brewster]  (2) “Happy People” – [Ernie Haase/Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey]  (3) “Thank You For Saving Me” – [Michael Farren/Greg Sykes]