#NewsNuggets: 8-24-15

Last Week’s Happenings

  • Former Gaither Vocal Band bass singer, Lee Young, has joined Mended Wings Quartet based in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Mark Trammell Quartet announced they have hired twenty-six-year-old Blake Buffin from Stow, Ohio as their new tenor singer. Buffin and his wife will be relocating to the Gadsden, Alabama area from Ohio in the coming weeks.
  • The New Dove Brothers made Wesley Smith’s status as their tenor singer official last week. Smith has been singing tenor since the group’s reorganization several weeks ago.
  • Former LeFevre Quartet member Thomas Nalley has joined Gold City, replacing Robert Fulton in the tenor position.
  • Claude Hopper returned home from the hospital after suffering a light stroke the previous week. The family reported that Claude will receive speech therapy in the coming weeks and otherwise has fully recovered.

Upcoming Releases
Please let us know if any significant upcoming releases are missing from this list. Note, the dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and/or online outlets. Some artists may sell their recordings sooner at their concert events or in their own online stores. 

  • phelps

    September 11 – David Phelps – Freedom (DVD)

  • peace

    September 11 – Jim Hendricks – Rocky Top: Peace In The Valley (CD)

  • country

    September 11 – Various Artists – 30 Country Mountain Hymns (CD)

  • image (2)

    September 18 – Jason Crabb – Whatever The Road (CD)

  • image (3)

    September 25 – The Collingsworth Family – That Day Is Coming (CD)

  • stan

    September 25 – Stan Whitmire – He Leadeth Me (CD)

  • wewillstand

    September 25 – Various Artists – CCM United Presents We Will Stand (CD/DVD)

  • October 2 – Jim Brady Trio – Live At Daywind (DVD/CD)
  • October 2 – Tribute Quartet – Live At Daywind (DVD/CD)
  • 11825770_10152871839946076_9079916092138327390_n (1)

    October 2 – The Kingdom Heirs – A New Look (CD)

  • image

    October 2 – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Happy People Deluxe Edition (CD)

  • image

    October 2 – Perrys – Sing (CD)

  • 11811587_10153067502219677_3617212108568011225_n

    October 9 – Michael English – Worship

  • gaithervb

    October 9 – Gaither Vocal Band – Christmas Collection (CD)

  • christmashendricks

    October 9 – Jim Hendricks – Rocky Top: Country Christmas (CD)

  • Lowry

    October 9 – Mark Lowry – How We Love (CD)

  • Gaither christmas

    October 9 – Bill & Gloria Gaither with Their Homecoming Friends – Christmas Favorites (CD)

  • October 16 – Gordon Mote – Hymns And Songs Of Inspiration (CD)
  • October 23 – Jimmy Fortune – Hits & Hymns (CD/DVD)

  • cover

    October 23 – Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends – Gaither Homecoming Classics Vol. 1-4 (DVD)

  • cover (1)

    October 23 – Various – Bill Gaither’s Best Of Homecoming 2016 (CD)

  • November 6 – Taranda Greene – Spirit Of Christmas (CD)
  • No firm release date – The Bowling Family – TBD (CD)
  • No firm release date – Nelons – TBD (CD)
  • No firm release date – Wilburn & Wilburn – TBD (CD)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply August 24, 09:36 #1 darrellt31

    Should I be surprised that Thomas Nalley has joined Gold City? I thought he had resigned his position with the Lefevres because of vocal problems. When I saw them it looked like he was really pushing and with Gold City’s high arrangements is this a good fit? Not trying to create speculation or anything but just wondering.

    • Reply August 24, 10:52 Darrell

      I agree with you about wondering if this is a good fit for Gold City. Kind of reminds me of when they hired Brent Mitchell. Thinking about what you said about Gold City’s high arrangements brought up another thought that I have had for years. And that is: why does it seem like some groups (and soloists) think that the higher the arrangement is, the better the song? Is anybody out there familiar with a guy by the name of Mike Upright? To me, he is a good example of how you don’t need to sing extremely high to effectively communicate the message of your songs. Any thoughts on this?

      • Reply August 24, 11:32 David Bruce Murray Author

        I agree with your statement, “you don’t need to sing extremely high to effectively communicate the message of your songs,” but can a group with a 35-year history run the risk of alienating their fans by refusing to sing songs like “Midnight Cry,” “Get Up, Get Ready” and “God’s Building A Church?”

    • Reply August 24, 11:12 David Bruce Murray Author

      Officially, Thomas Nalley resigned from the LeFevre Quartet due to a non-specified medical condition. This was included in the press release issued by the group a few weeks after they hired Jeremy Peace.

      Unofficially, I’ve been told that the issue Nalley was experiencing when he resigned was hearing loss.

      Of course, any sort of hearing loss would also affect his vocals, but in either case, the same press release also stated that since resigning his tenor position with the LeFevre Quartet, Nalley had fully recovered from his medical condition.

      I do question whether Nalley can handle Gold City’s typically higher than average arrangements even at full health. I’ve only seen him sing one full concert in person, so that’s really not enough to make a fair evaluation. I hope to be pleasantly surprised the next time I see Gold City perform which should be at NQC a little over a month from now.

      Once things were settled with his heath, I wish they could have worked out a deal where Nalley would have stayed with the LeFevre Quartet where the range isn’t ultra-high on every song, and Jeremy Peace would have joined Gold City. Of all the tenors who might have been considered for the Gold City job, Peace is the one who can consistently sing in that super-high range that so many of Gold City’s arrangements demand.

      • Reply August 24, 17:32 canuk

        What happened to Chris Williams? I caught a couple youtube vids of him with Gold City and thought he sounded good with them.

        • Reply August 24, 17:47 David Bruce Murray Author

          Williams’ status with the group was a little confusing after he updated his Facebook page to indicate that Gold City was his place of employment. They never officially announced he’d been hired to fill the tenor slot, however.

  2. Reply August 24, 09:57 #2 Joe Mannon

    WOW! I didn’t know that the Gaither Vocal Band had ever had a bass singer other than Bill Gaither.

  3. Reply August 24, 13:27 #3 Gregg

    Spot on DBM…I’ve said for awhile that Jeremy Peace or Eric Phillips are the only two that I can think of right of that have the range high enough to sing with Gold City. (of course excluding alums Jay Parrack and Brian Free). I also heard Nalley sing live. I like his voice, but he isn’t the highest tenor. At the time of his hire with The Lefevres he was lauded because he “knew his limits” and didn’t push them….

    This is not a knock on Nalley. Look at the success of the Booth Brothers…Michael even calls himself a “niner” not a “Tenor”… It’s just to do the arrangements Gold City is known for is going to take someone with an extremely high voice. I too hope I’m surprised when I’m at NQC this year.

    • Reply August 24, 13:51 Darrell

      Wouldn’t Jerry Martin be another one who would fit the bill with Gold City? The Kingdom Heirs are another group with incredibly high arrangements. Of course they do sing in Dollywood, so they want to excite the crowd that shows up. And Arthur Rice has the range of a tenor singer, plus Jeff Chapman can easily bottom out on the low notes. And, don’t forget, their new baritone, Brian Alvey, used to sing tenor. So if Jerry has the singing chops to sing full time with the Kingdom Heirs, I think he would do fine with Gold City.

  4. Reply August 24, 22:37 #4 Darrell

    I know its been out for a couple months and I may have just missed it, but I wonder if anyone on this site has done a review of the Dixie Melody Boys “Revived” album. I picked up a copy about a week and a half ago at a concert. It is VERY well done. All three men Ed has with him right now are good. Give it a listen if you have the chance.

  5. Reply August 25, 07:43 #5 darrellt31

    David, since you mentioned that Jeremy might be a better fit than Thomas maybe they could do an off-season trade with artists to be named later thrown in. My attempt at humor! On the other hand I hope Thomas does well. He appeared to be a quality individual and I liked him.

  6. Reply August 25, 20:41 #6 Bill Lancaster

    Are the New Dove Brothers staying as a trio? Is there any word about them being a quartet?

    • Reply August 25, 21:23 David Bruce Murray Author

      They are taking their time on hiring a bass singer…waiting for the right person.

      • Reply August 26, 09:24 Darrell

        How about Gene McDonald? Or maybe he is too used to being a soloist by now. But boy, can that guy sings some serious bass!

  7. Reply August 25, 22:39 #7 Joe Mannon

    So, I guess that means David Hester isn’t interested in getting back with a quartet?

    • Reply August 25, 22:49 David Bruce Murray Author

      David Hester has a job with the power company that pays great, so he isn’t interested in getting back into Southern Gospel full-time.

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