Happy People 2.0

Happy People 2.0

happypeopleLooks like Ernie Haase & Signature Sound are going back and recutting Happy People with Dustin Doyle to re-release in October of this year. According to Provident Distribution’s website, the new “Deluxe Edition” will feature all 11 songs from the original release with Doyle’s vocals added, as well as “Redemption Draweth Nigh,” (which was used to introduce Dustin at the Memphis Quartet Show), “Go Down Moses,” and another (?!)¬†version of “Oh What A Savior.”

My question is this: will this new “Deluxe Edition” have all of Doug Anderson’s vocals replaced? And since Dustin is now listed as the lead singer and Devin McGlamry has been moved to baritone, will those parts be recut as well? Or will Doyle simply just recut Doug’s leads and leave the harmonies intact? Keen eyes will note that Provident’s site lists Dustin as being featured on “A Soldier Fighting To Go Home” and “Jesus Changed Everything,” but not “I Do Believe,” which was also one of Doug’s features….

I will give credit to EHSS for keeping the cover as close to the original as possible, right down to the wardrobe and pose (and thanks for not just photoshopping Doug out of the cover and adding Dustin in, similar to what other artists have done in the past).

What say you? Will you be picking up the Deluxe Edition of Happy People? If you already have the original version, will this be enough of an incentive to pick it up again with Dustin?

Click here for MusicScribe’s review of the original release of Happy People.

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Kyle Boreing

Kyle has been writing for MusicScribe since 2008. He is a musician, producer, arranger, and occasional quartet singer, who pays way too much attention to recordings. He is an alumni of Stamps-Baxter School of Music and has shared the stage with many different artists. He also really likes movies that are "so bad they're good." Visit his website at www.kyleboreing.com, or follow him on Twitter @kyleboreing.

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  1. Reply July 30, 21:01 #1 Sean

    I am very picky when it comes to buying recut albums. This one I will get because of the additional songs and how different it seems it will be with the new lineup. I wish they wouldn’t recut, I always feel like recut albums are a blow to the departing artist. I do realize why they do it though. No matter what they do though I think I’ll prefer the original, this is one of my favorite albums they have released and I Do Believe has always been one of my favorite Gaither songs and Doug nailed it!

  2. Reply July 31, 06:07 #2 Diana Brantley

    I will definitely get the recut even though I have the original. I wasn’t aware that Devin was moving to baritone with Dustin on lead, but I’m really looking forward to hearing what they sound like together.

  3. Reply July 31, 12:58 #3 Bill Lancaster

    The way the description on the Provident site reads, it looks like only two of the original songs will have Dustin and then the two new songs will have his vocals. Also why make the distinction of Dustin on lead and Devin on Baritone? For many groups those voice parts are pretty interchangeable and Devin has been the lead this whole time.

  4. Reply July 31, 17:00 #4 Justin Gilmore

    Ernie has said that Devin and Dustin can sing both parts, but officially he has Dustin at the lead position (due to his 2nd tenor range) and has moved Devin to baritone.

  5. Reply September 16, 10:48 #5 David Bruce Murray

    Was the Triumphant image you linked really a Photoshop job (head swap), or just a crop?

    (I fully realize one might use the Photoshop program to do a crop as well, but you know what I mean.)

    • Reply September 16, 11:59 Kyle Boreing Author

      It wasn’t a headswap, but it was definitely a Photoshop job, as Eric was originally sitting further away. They had to actively airbrush out Jeff, move Eric closer to the other three, and smooth out the fog background. To the credit of whoever did the edit, it’s pretty seamless, compared to the Legacy Five edit, where Frank Seamans’ lighting is totally different.

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