2015 Survey Series: Victory In Jesus – Results Posted

2015 Survey Series: Victory In Jesus – Results Posted

Voting has ended. Results are posted below.

  1. Freemans – 2 votes
  2. Gold City – 7 votes
  3. Guy Penrod – 4 votes
  4. Selah – 1 vote
  5. Acappella – 0 votes

In the audio file attached to this post, you will hear five segments from recordings of “Victory In Jesus.” Select your favorite and respond with a comment to cast your vote. Valid responses are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. You may select only one version as your favorite. Vote only once. This poll will close on Sunday, July 12.

When the survey is all over later this year, there will be a nice little surprise for our readers courtesy of our good friends at b.creative. If you’re not already familiar with b.creative, check out some of the projects this company has worked on in the past by clicking HERE.

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Lynn
    Reply July 05, 10:18 #1 Lynn


  2. ashleyperham
    Reply July 05, 10:44 #2 ashleyperham


  3. CLW
    Reply July 05, 11:09 #3 CLW


  4. Jackie
    Reply July 05, 14:09 #4 Jackie


  5. James Hales
    Reply July 05, 21:29 #5 James Hales


  6. JimT
    Reply July 06, 07:18 #6 JimT

    Slightly the best out of a bunch of mediocre renditions. Way too much drums in most.

  7. Tommy Jones
    Reply July 06, 09:12 #7 Tommy Jones


  8. PAL
    Reply July 06, 14:48 #8 PAL


  9. Tommy Jones
    Reply July 06, 20:25 #9 Tommy Jones

    David, i’ve noticed that a large majority of the choices on songs are by current groups and that may be your intention. On this song for example, the Blackwood Brothers and Rebels both had outstanding versions. I would like to at least one older group (Statesmen, Harvesters, et. al. as a choice each time. JMHO. Thanks

    • David Bruce Murray
      Reply July 06, 20:34 David Bruce Murray Author

      The intent is not to include more modern versions. If it was, the Statemen, Blackwood Brothers, etc., wouldn’t be included at all.

      The choices are based on what I already had available in digital format and what is readily available online digitally. When I had more than six or seven versions, the goal was to include a variety of selections.

      As you can imagine, it would be very time consuming to procure and include what I considered to be the best 5-6 choices out of every version that has ever been recorded. And even if I had, I’m pretty sure I’d still get comments like “I don’t like any of these.”

      I’ve said up front this survey series is not attempting to determine any overall best version, since we are deliberately avoiding any signature or definitive versions. This survey is just intended to be for fun.

  10. Tommy Jones
    Reply July 06, 22:55 #10 Tommy Jones


  11. Chris Unthank
    Reply July 08, 18:48 #11 Chris Unthank

    4 – love that version!

  12. lee65
    Reply July 09, 13:55 #12 lee65

    I think it’s The Freemans!!!

  13. Brian
    Reply July 09, 17:55 #13 Brian

    I think 2 is Gold City. If it isn’t the group has a similar sound.
    3 is Guy Penrod, another version I enjoy.
    4 made me think of the group Selah, but I’m not sure if it was them or not.

  14. Annette Wilson
    Reply July 10, 05:34 #14 Annette Wilson

    They’re all unique…no one “better” than the other. I just like Guy Penrod!

  15. Jeff
    Reply July 10, 21:16 #15 Jeff


  16. Joe Mannon
    Reply July 12, 13:43 #16 Joe Mannon


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