2015 Survey Series: One Day At A Time – Results Posted

2015 Survey Series: One Day At A Time – Results Posted

Voting has ended. If you saw the results earlier, please note that results have now been UPDATED to reflect a few votes that were found lurking in the comment spam filter.

  1. Florida Boys – 4 votes
  2. Thrasher Brothers – 1 vote
  3. Lynda Randle – 1 vote
  4. Kingdom Heirs – 1 votes
  5. Karen Peck & New River – 5 votes

Please note: Because this series of surveys is focusing on “cover” and “remake” songs, the version of “One Day At A Time” that was popularized by Cristy Lane is not included for consideration.

In the audio file attached to this post, you will hear five segments from recordings of “One Day At A Time.” Select your favorite and respond with a comment to cast your vote. Valid responses are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. You may select only one version as your favorite. Vote only once. This poll will close on Wednesday, July 8.

When the survey is all over later this year, there will be a nice little surprise for our readers courtesy of our good friends at b.creative. If you’re not already familiar with b.creative, check out some of the projects this company has worked on in the past by clicking HERE.

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. James Hales
    Reply July 01, 09:44 #1 James Hales


  2. lee65
    Reply July 01, 11:58 #2 lee65


  3. Jackie
    Reply July 01, 12:38 #3 Jackie

    But all are enjjoyable

  4. Charles
    Reply July 01, 13:27 #4 Charles


  5. Chris
    Reply July 01, 15:22 #5 Chris


    #1–nice tempo and harmony.

    All were okay. My least liked was #5, simply because the lead did not sing the great melody that this song has. My next least-liked was #3.

  6. PAL
    Reply July 01, 16:17 #6 PAL


  7. Brad
    Reply July 02, 09:47 #7 Brad


    Florida Boys

  8. Reggie Brann
    Reply July 02, 16:54 #8 Reggie Brann

    The Thrasher Brothers version is my favorite, though Karen Peck & New River was a great remake, with a different arrangement and feel to it. One of my favorite cuts of “ODAAT” by Gordon Mote was not an option. Solid and soulful. Do you want to hear my recording of it (1990)? LOL, but seriously recorded years ago for a special lady, and my wife and I sang it at her funeral (106 years old, a lot of days at a time).

    • David Bruce Murray
      Reply July 02, 22:38 David Bruce Murray Author

      I considered including the Gordon Mote arrangement, but I already had one that’s somewhat similar to it on hand. I figured one departure from the melody most people are familiar with was enough for a survey like this.

  9. JimT
    Reply July 03, 10:25 #9 JimT


  10. CLW
    Reply July 03, 12:45 #10 CLW


  11. Annette Wilson
    Reply July 05, 15:36 #11 Annette Wilson


  12. Dean hughes
    Reply July 06, 12:27 #12 Dean hughes


  13. LeviSJ
    Reply July 08, 10:24 #13 LeviSJ


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