2015 Survey Series – Oh What A Savior (AGAIN!) – Results Posted

2015 Survey Series – Oh What A Savior (AGAIN!) – Results Posted

Voting has ended. Come back tomorrow when the two top contenders from this survey will face the three that tied in the first survey. The winner will advance to Round Two. Results are posted below:

  1. Homeland Harmony – 1 vote
  2. Blackwood Brothers – 7 votes
  3. Stamps Quartet – 0 votes
  4. Rebels – 1 vote
  5. Cathedral Quartet – 9 votes

Last week, several of you let me know that you really didn’t care for the options provided for “Oh What A Savior.” We only had a few votes, and the results were a 3-way tie.

Since so many were unhappy with the choices, I got in touch with one of our excellent Southern Gospel historians. I asked him to locate a few versions of this classic song with the stipulation being that the tenor could NOT be featured on the verses. He sent me five examples from the 1950s and 1960s including what is possibly the very first recording of this song. Now please understand that with most of these, the tenor does take the melody on the chorus. You will still hear some high (shrill) notes as the chorus begins, but to a lesser degree than the previous survey.

Valid votes include 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Voting will end on Friday, July 31. As always, please put your vote on the first line of your comment, then drop down and start a new paragraph if you have further comments to make about the choices provided.

After this survey ends, we’ll have one more “Oh What A Savior” survey to determine which group’s rendition will represent this song in Round 2. Depending on the outcome, my plan is to pit two or three versions from this survey against the three that tied in the previous survey (Johnny Cook, N’Harmony and The Old Paths).

As Round One goes into overtime to settle what group should represent “Oh What A Savior” in Round Two, the first of the Round Two surveys will be getting underway starting this Sunday, July 26. I want to caution everyone to carefully read the instructions for each survey during this overlap period. This is just a heads up. Voting instructions for Round 2 surveys starting Sunday, July 26 will require you to select TWO choices.

For this “Oh What A Savior” survey, though, and the remaining Round One surveys that are wrapping up as Round Two begins be sure to VOTE ONLY FOR ONE!

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Brian
    Reply July 24, 18:53 #1 Brian


  2. Levu
    Reply July 24, 21:02 #2 Levu


  3. Ed Dedeaux
    Reply July 24, 22:28 #3 Ed Dedeaux


  4. Harold Timmons
    Reply July 25, 03:52 #4 Harold Timmons


  5. Tommy Jones
    Reply July 25, 09:33 #5 Tommy Jones


  6. PAL
    Reply July 25, 10:16 #6 PAL


  7. Jeff
    Reply July 25, 10:59 #7 Jeff


  8. Charles Huckaby
    Reply July 25, 11:55 #8 Charles Huckaby


    These are all much better selections David, as I’m sure you know. When you have the Blackwood Brothers, Cathedrals, and Homeland Harmony, how can you go wrong? Even though I’m sure it won’t win, I have to go with the original – the Homeland Harmony Quartet.

    • David Bruce Murray
      Reply July 25, 12:17 David Bruce Murray Author

      These are better in many respects, but not all. Overall, I like the vocal arrangements better for sure, but the instrumentation on some of these is rather cheesy sounding. To keep the survey “blind” and objective, I won’t point out the examples I’m talking about, but you can probably guess.

  9. JSR
    Reply July 25, 19:39 #9 JSR


  10. Daniel_the_tank
    Reply July 25, 22:42 #10 Daniel_the_tank


  11. Tommy Jones
    Reply July 26, 07:34 #11 Tommy Jones

    Having already voted, I just want to add that I love quality singing and the high shrill notes are not my taste.

  12. JimT
    Reply July 26, 07:58 #12 JimT


  13. CLW
    Reply July 26, 13:46 #13 CLW


  14. Scotty Searan
    Reply July 26, 18:01 #14 Scotty Searan


  15. Scotty Searan
    Reply July 26, 18:36 #15 Scotty Searan


  16. Charles
    Reply July 26, 23:20 #16 Charles


  17. Annette Wilson
    Reply July 27, 02:54 #17 Annette Wilson


  18. James Hales
    Reply July 29, 09:55 #18 James Hales


  19. Brad
    Reply July 29, 16:09 #19 Brad


  20. Chris Unthank
    Reply July 30, 08:46 #20 Chris Unthank

    2 – I think I’ve decided that I just really don’t enjoy this song at all…

  21. Jackie
    Reply July 31, 14:54 #21 Jackie


    But I don’t know why….I think I agree w/Chris U. But I really have enjoyed Ernie on this song in concerts many times. Go figure.

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