CD Mini-Review: The Crabb Family – “20: Platinum Edition”

CD Mini-Review: The Crabb Family – “20: Platinum Edition”

crabb20The Crabb Family is probably one of the most popular gospel groups not consistently touring today. Their final tour before “officially” disbanding was in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped them from performing a number of “reunion” shows and mini-tours in that time. The five Crabb kids have even found time to reunite for another studio album. Although they aren’t an active touring group anymore, they never have really gone away either.

As such, the title of this compilation is still accurate, in that it has been 20 years since the Crabb Family first hit the SG scene when Gerald and Kathy first put the family group together in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Many of the groups’ hits from 1996-2007 are included here (although, since this is a Daywind release, it does not include any songs from the Grand Finale live project or their 2012 Gaither-released reunion project). All-in-all, 20 tracks well represent the group’s original catalog of hits and fan favorites.

One curiosity in this package is the use of live intro and closing tracks. The album kicks off with a 19 second live intro that was chopped from the beginning of their Grand Finale album – an oddity, seeing as that album was released by New Haven, not Daywind. The closing may have as well, but I can’t verify that. In between those two tracks (with one exception) are entirely studio tracks with no audible applause mixed in or any attempt to make it sound like a live album. Different, but unnecessary.

Be aware: the marketing for this album on some sites states that “this worship experience reunites the entire family – Adam, Terah, Jason, Aaron and Kelly – along with special guest Mike Bowling, to deliver an amazing music experience.” This is NOT a reunion project; it’s simply a compilation of previously-released songs. However, if you are looking for a “definitive” collection of Crabb Family hits from over the years, however, this one fits the bill.

SONG TITLES: Still Holdin’ On  Please Forgive Me  Trail of Tears  I Sure Miss You  The Lamb, the Lion and The King  Through the Fire  Don’t You Wanna Go?  I’ve Come to Take You Home  That’s No Mountain  The Reason That I’m Standing (C. Aaron Wilburn/Gerald Crabb)  Please Come Down to Me  The Walk – The Cross  Greater is He  I’ve Never Been This Homesick (Dottie Rambo) – Shepherd’s Call  He Came Looking For Me  I’d Rather Have Jesus  I Go to the Rock (Dottie Rambo) – Redeemer (Nicole Coleman-Mullen) (all songs written by Gerald Crabb except where noted)

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  1. Reply April 07, 21:59 #1 Darrell

    Your opening paragraph said it perfectly. My question would be: Who keeps pushing for this reunion type stuff? Obviously someone is still intersted in hearing music from the Crabbs. For myself, I just roll my eyes when I see this type of thing.

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