Best CDs and Songs From 2014

Best CDs and Songs From 2014

Tim MenziesCDs
Eight CDs earned ratings of 4 1/2 Stars or 5 Stars in 2014. In order, the top CDs of 2014 are:

Rated 5 Stars
1. Tim Menzies – His Way Of Loving Me
2. Amber Thompson – Without Your Love

Rated 4 1/2 Stars
3. Three Bridges –
4. Mercy’s Well – Today
5. Freedom Quartet – Let It Be Said
6. Brian Free & Assurance – Unashamed
7. Watts, Rowsey & Bean – Turn Your Radio On
8. Miles Pike – Timeless Truth

Compared to 2013, the number of 4 1/2 and 5 Star CDs is up by one.

The first list ranks the top 10 radio singles for 2014. To qualify, a song had to appear on the Singing News Top 80 chart during the calendar year. The second list includes the top 10 songs from CDs released in 2014 that weren’t sent to radio in time to appear on the Singing News Top 80 during the calendar year.

bfaunashamedTop 10 Radio Singles Of 2014
1. Everybody’s Going Through Something – Karen Peck & New River
2. Say Amen – Brian Free & Assurance
3. Glorious Freedom – Gaither Vocal Band
4. Falling – Amber Nelon Thompson
5. Revival – Karen Peck & New River
6. Water Walking God – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
7. We’ll Work – Cathedrals Family Reunion
8. God’s Gonna Send Revival – Tribute
9. He Didn’t Just Carry The Cross, He Carried Me – Hoppers
10. If I’m Guilty – Aaron & Amanda Crabb

three-bridges_jesus-savesTop Songs From 2014 Albums That Should Be Radio Singles In 2015
1. I Was There – Tim Menzies
2. Made Up Mind – Three Bridges
3. Part The Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour – Gold City
4. I’ll Trade This Valley For A Mountain – Mercy’s Well
5. Without Your Love – Amber Nelon Thompson and Joseph Habedank
6. Godly Men – Freedom Quartet
7. In My Father’s Eyes – John Bowman
8. Tell It Like It Was – Brian Free & Assurance

This second list of songs includes several titles that impressed me this past year, even though they weren’t released as singles in time to make an appearance on the Singing News chart before the end of 2014. Some of these songs may not be ideal for stations that report to Singing News, but these songs are all good enough to be heard somewhere, on some station, beyond the context of an album cut.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply December 31, 09:49 #1 Chris Unthank

    “Part the Waters/I Need thee Every Hour” is the current Gold City single. It may not have charted on the SN Top 80, but it did make the December New Releases (which actually would have been for October airplay).

    • Reply December 31, 10:24 admin Author

      The parameters for my lists are spelled out in the article. The first list of songs requires at least one appearance on any 2014 monthly Top 80 chart in Singing News. The second requires a song to be on an album released in 2014, but it failed to be released as a single in time to appear on the Top 80 by the time the December 2014 issue was published.

      If a song from the second list is already on the way to making a Top 80 appearance in 2015, that just shows someone in the position to make it happen thought as much of the song as I did.

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