CD Mini Review: Jim Brady – “Singing The Hits”

CD Mini Review: Jim Brady – “Singing The Hits”

singing-the-hitsThis past summer, I did a mini-review on a CD released by Daywind, a best-of compilation by Jonathan Wilburn. In the review, I noted that it would’ve been better suited as a table project for Wilburn & Wilburn, partly due to the fact that three of the songs on the project were recorded using Daywind performance tracks.

Well, this time, Daywind has decided to do an entire album using these tracks, and the vocalist chosen to sing them is Jim Brady, former Booth Brothers vocalist and founder of the new Jim Brady Trio. Ok, that’s not entirely fair. The Jim Brady Trio has signed with Daywind, and while waiting for their debut album, this is probably the easiest way to start building some exposure for the name without taking a lot of time or spending a lot of money until the official debut is ready.

The result, Singing The Hits, is a strange mix of songs that, at times, really gives Brady a chance to shine, while at other times just sounds a bit forced. Add to the fact that the time span on these tracks stretches over 20 years or so, although to be fair, they at least made an effort to remix and remaster the tracks so they at least have some consistency in sound quality.

Of course, the singing is good, and it is kinda fun to hear Jim being backed up by folks like Buddy Mullins and Michael English on some of the older tracks, but it seems a bit of a disservice to have such a talented vocalist stuck trying to adapt to existing tracks and performances.

Again, this would make an acceptable table project, but not what I would consider “wide-release” worthy so much as just a way for Daywind to say, “Here’s Jim Brady. Get to know him outside the Booth Brothers.”

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  1. Reply October 20, 12:30 #1 Terry Franklin

    Jim sings the fire out of “Never Too Broken To Belong,” IMO.

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