“Your Walk Talks” Blog Tour – Stop #5

“Your Walk Talks” Blog Tour – Stop #5


After the announcement in late December of the new Crimson Road Productions recording label and its first CD by The Mark Trammell Quartet, I have been anxious to get my hands on this project!    And since my pre-order arrived last week, it has stayed in my CD player.    I’ve played these 10 songs over and over and over and am impressed with every one of them!  My favorite so far has to be the title song written by Babbie Mason and Rodney Griffin.  Here are a few of the lyrics from the chorus that will really got my attention:  “You know your walk talks and your talk talks.  But your walk talks louder than your talk talks!  Your behavior toward your neighbor is really how you feel about the Savior.”

This stop on the “Your Walk Talks” blog tour brings us to a few brief questions for Mark Trammell Quartet tenor, Dustin Black.   Dustin was announced as a permanent member of the group last May so people haven’t had the opportunity to get to know him very well yet.  I thought it would be good to see how he has adapted to life on the road with that crowd of Alabama boys!

dustinDiana:   Dustin, you had only been to one Southern Gospel concert before joining the group, so how in the world did you hear about the opening with the group and decide to pursue it?

Dustin:   I heard from Chuck (bus driver of Gold City) that Mark was looking for a tenor. I drove down and met the guys. I sang a few songs that they had emailed me to learn. Mark and Laresa took me out to lunch and talked to me about the opportunity. I was and I still am so overwhelmed. God has truly blessed me with this position!

Diana:  What has been the biggest surprise or greatest adjustment for you as you travel full time?

Dustin:  The biggest surprise for me has been how supportive the guys have been. Coming in, I had no idea that these men would literally become like brothers to me. They are not only my co-laborers, but my best friends.

Diana:  With the release of Your Walk Talks, do you have a favorite song or two?

Dustin:  My favorite song is “God’s Been Faithful.” The lyric that stirs my heart every time is in the second verse. It says, “Through the years He’s been my unfailing friend, every longing satisfied.” This rings so true to me. I cannot count the times where I reached the end of the road and my Jesus came to me, picked me up, and met my need.  He truly is Faithful!


To hear short clips of some of the songs on this project, click HERE!   

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Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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  1. Reply July 13, 23:02 #1 Chris G.

    What a great sound! All four have a similar timbre to their voices that leads to a great blend. Dustin Black fits right in and adds to the quartet’s “one voice-four parts” sound.

    • Reply July 14, 05:28 Diana Brantley Author

      I loved that album! This was a re-publish of the article from January of 2014!! For some reason, it had gotten marked as a draft and couldn’t be accessed from the main MusicScribe site. . . .

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