Battlefield – Mountain Faith

Battlefield – Mountain Faith

mountainfaith2013battlefield250GRADE:  B

  • Album – Battlefield
  • Artist – Mountain Faith
  • Label – Pisgah Ridge
  • Style – Bluegrass
  • Release Date – 03/19/13
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody)


Variety is the spice of life and I enjoy variety in music.  This week’s album review tackles a new album by bluegrass Gospel artist, Mountain Faith.

Mountain Faith is based in Sylva North Carolina.  They are a family group in that the members consist of Sam McMahan (harmony vocals, bass player), daughter Summer McMahan (lead vocalist, fiddle player), son Brayden McMahan (harmony vocals, banjo player), nephew John Morgan (harmony vocals, acoustic guitar) and band member Dustin Norris (harmony vocals, mandolin player).  What is even more impressive is that the four kids in the group are all under the age of 23.

Battlefield released to retail on March 19th, 2013.  This is the sophomore release for Mountain Faith and Crossroads Music.


  • Mountain Faith in an impressive bluegrass Gospel artist.  Tim Surrett was the right individual to produce this new effort.
  • Lead vocalist Summer McMahan has a quality to her voice that is reminiscent of another bluegrass great, Alison Krauss.  The stand out track on the album is a song both penned and performed by Summer; “I Will Praise Him”.  This song could become a huge hit for Mountain Faith on Southern Gospel radio.  Release it now!
  • I enjoy how Mountain Faith took two familiar Southern Gospel classics and added their own bluegrass flair.  They turn in fine performances of “I’m On The Battlefield” and “In The Sweet Forever”.
  • The group did double duty as not only did they lay down the vocals to produce an enjoyable listen but they also played on every song on the recording.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “I Will Praise Him”, “I’m On The Battlefield”, “God Is There”, “Living Water” and “In The Sweet Forever”.
  • I enjoy bluegrass music mixed in with all my other favorite Southern Gospel styles.  Bluegrass albums tend to run together by the time you get to an end of a recording because the style/instrumentation is fairly consistent throughout the entire recording.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Ain’t Gonna Run” and “When It Starts Raining”.


Mountain Faith has the potential to find a listening audience in the Southern Gospel market.  Their style reminds me of the Isaacs music of the early 1990’s.  I firmly believe the song “I Will Praise Him” could land them a Southern Gospel chart topping hit and give them some name recognition.  Here is a YouTube clip, published by TheCatzLady, of Mountain Faith doing some bluegrass instrumental work.  Enjoy!


SONG/Featured Vocalist – SONGWRITER:  1. “I’m On The Battlefield”/Summer – Sylvana Bell, EV Banks  2. “Living Water”/John – Alan Baker  3. “It Could Happen In A Moment”/Summer – Joe E. Parks  4. “I Will Praise Him”/Summer – Summer McMahan  5. “When It Starts Raining”/John – Stacy Pearcy, Mark Wheeler  6. “I’ll Be Gone”/Summer – Summer McMahan  7. “God Is There”/John – John Morgan  8. “Ain’t Gonna Run”/Summer – Scott Thomas, Tessa Thomas  9. “In The Sweet Forever”/Brayden – Luther G. Presley  10. “Helping Hand”/John – Johnny Williams

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