Biscuits From Heaven – Zach & Rodney

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  • Album – Biscuits From Heaven
  • Artist – Zach & Rodney
  • Label – Red Hen Records
  • Style – Traditional Country, Modern Country
  • Release Date – 02/19/13
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody)


Christian country duo Zach & Rodney is made up of Zach Mashburn and Rodney Hedrick.  The group, based out of Trinity North Carolina, releases their first album with Red Hen Records; Biscuits From Heaven.

The album has been at retail since February 19th, 2013.  Biscuits From Heaven is pure country music with Christian lyrics.

Here is an excerpt from the duo’s website that explains how they started singing.

…”In the late 1990’s, while pursuing a career in country music and getting into trouble with the law, Rodney Hedrick was sentenced to perform his community service at a church, with one condition.  He would have to attend the Sunday School class taught by the janitor and choir director of the church at least one time. It didn’t end there.  Rodney kept going.  That one Sunday School class would change his life forever.  While attending, he surrendered his heart and talents to the Lord, taught the same class he attended, accepted the call to preach, and married the janitor’s daughter, who just happened to have a 12-year-old guitar-playing brother named Zach Mashburn.  So began the duo Zach and Rodney”…


  • The production quality of Biscuits From Heaven should be commended.  At first listen I was impressed with just how country the album sounds.  The production sounds like anything I get when I listen to any mainstream country music artist.
  • Lead vocalist Rodney Hedrick is a mix between Rodney Atkins and Josh Turner with a little Gary Allen thrown in.  If you’re a fan of mainstream country music, you’ll definitely enjoy Rodney’s vocal style.
  • Rodney shines on the opening track, “Tell Me Something Good”.  This modern country mid tempo style tune would be a strong choice for radio single.  The song “Words” and the traditional country sounding “Goodbye To Sin” are also highlights for Rodney.
  • Guitar player and vocalist Zach Mashburn also lends his vocals to a few numbers.  He gets a feature on the group’s current radio single “Hold On A Little Longer”.  He also gets two features that could find a home at mainstream country radio, “Relentless” and “Love Stands”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Hold On A Little Longer”, “Tell Me Something Good”, “Love Stands”, “Relentless” and “Goodbye To Sin”.
  • The target listening audience for Biscuits From Heaven is country music fans who enjoy Christian lyrics in their country music.  I don’t know how many Southern Gospel listeners will give it a listen.
  • While the production quality was top-notch, the songwriting on a few songs was a bit weak.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Wreath Upon The Door” and “Feels Like Home”.


Biscuits From Heaven was my first introduction to the music of Zach & Rodney.  While this first effort was an enjoyable listen, there were definitely areas for growth.  With the production quality already in place, in a few years Zach & Rodney could stand toe to toe with any mainstream country music act.  I look forward to see what the group has to offer.  I found a YouTube video of Zach & Rodney performing for Why Us Ministries.  Take a look.


SONG/Featured Vocalist – SONGWRITER:  1. “Tell Me Something Good”/Rodney – Benjamin Hayslip, Gary Lloyd  2. “Hold On A Little Longer”/Zach; Rodney – Rodney Hedrick, Zach Mashburn  3. “Words”/Rodney – Rodney Hedrick, Zach Mashburn, Jerry Salley  4. “Relentless”/Zach – Charles Butler, Scott Krippaehne  5. “Wreath Upon The Door”/Rodney – Jerry Salley, Tony Wood  6. “Led By Love”/Rodney – Marc Beeson, Allen Shamblin  7. “Love Stands”/Zach – Jason Cox, Belinda Smith, John Paul Williams  8. “Could’ve Said No”/Rodney – Rodney Hedrick, Zach Mashburn  9. “Goodbye To Sin”/Rodney – James Elliott, Rodney Hedrick, Zach Mashburn  10. “Feels Like Home”/Zach

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